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Discovering Scarfolk

Littler, Richard
In Scarfolk children must not be seen OR heard, and everyone has to be in bed by 8 p.m. because they are perpetually running a slight fever..."Part-comedy, part-horror, part-satire, Discovering Scarfolk is the surreal account of a family trapped in the town.

Don't Let the Penguin Drive the Batmobile

Lambert, Jacob
Mad Magazine knows there are more important vehicles to protect in this 100% Unauthorized parody of Don t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus!

Dot Con: The Art of Scamming a Scammer

Veitch, James
A hilarious showcase of comedian James Veitch's comic conversations that he orchestrates with online email scammers.

Eat Well Stay Well

"Holy Moly"

Everyone Loves Bacon

DiPucchio, Kelly
Sure, everyone loves Bacon-until Bacon's popularity goes right to his head. He's so busy soaking up the attention from his fans, that he soon forgets the important things in life, like friendship and family. How will things end for our deliciously crispy hero?

Feckin Book Of Everything Irish

Murphy, Colin
This deadly compendium of all your favourite feckin' books is already an award-winner! It was named Best Humorous Book at The 2007 Benjamin Franklin Awards in New York.

Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre

Vincent, Bruno
A brand new Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups, especially for Father's Day!

Games for Bored Adults: Challenges. Competitions. Activities. Drinking.

Why not play human Buckaroo with a sleeping stranger, take on the After Eight challenge, or laugh in the face of pulled muscles in the ultimate 'Cereal Killer' game? From awkward hen and stags to boring car journeys, boozy dinner parties to Friday afternoons in the office, this book is packed of gaming inspiration to liven up any dull situation.

Giles The Collection 2021

Giles, Carl
The bestselling Giles annual is back! Now you can reflect on how the 20th century's greatest satirical cartoonist saw the biggest names of his time, from politicians to models.

Go the Fuck to Sleep

Mansbach, Adam
The bestselling gift book for exhausted parents everywhere

Great Lies to Tell Small Kids