Humanoids, Inc

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Tiki: A Very Ruff Year

Azencot, David
In the midst of a quarantine, Fred buys Tiki, a puppy, to help bring a little joy to his family's life in isolation. What no one anticipated is that Tiki would turn their lives completely upside-down.


Ellis, Jon
Wyatt's roommate has been acting strange ever since he joined that frat...

The Metabaron - Book 1: The Anti-Baron

Jodorowsky, Alejandro
The return of the greatest warrior in the universe: The Metabaron!

Jodorowsky's Twisted Tales

Jodorowsky, Alejandro
The playful collaboration of two masters of the medium, where the thoughts of one guided the hand of the other. The result is a unique blend of poetry and graphic storytelling.

Final Secret Of Adolf Hitlerpa

Mariolle, Mathieu
A final chase between Allied and Nazi submarines at the dawn of the Cold War.

Savage Highway

Masmondet, Mathieu
The grounded Sci-Fi tale of two polar opposites who are forced to unite to survive in a violent post-cataclysmic world.

In Vitro

Roy, William
A newly wedded couple is full of life, love, and inspiration. They have everything they've always wanted...except a child.

Twilight Man

Shadmi, Koren
A biographical tale that follows Hollywood revolutionary Rod Serling's rise to fame in the Golden Age of Television, and his descent into his own personal Twilight Zone.

Makhno: Ukrainian Freedom Fighter

Thirault, Philippe
The spellbinding true story of the infamous Ukrainian anarchist and revolutionary.