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without him

O'Brien, Fiona
Love Penny Vincenzi? Be seduced by Fiona O'Brien

Wolf and the Watchman

The Wolf and the Watchman depicts the capacity for cruelty in the name of survival or greed - but also the capacity for love, friendship, and the desire for a better world. 'An unexpected masterpiece, a wild and unusual mix of genres that in one fell swoop succeeds in renewing the entire crime fiction genre' Arne Dahl

WTF?: A Times top 10 bestseller

Peston, Robert
'A manual for our times that everyone should read.' Matthew d'Ancona

Year Without Summer

The Year Without Summer is the story of the books written, the art made; of the journeys taken, of the love longed for and the lives lost during that fateful year. Six separate lives, connected only by an event many thousands of miles away. Few had heard of Tambora - but none could escape its effects.

You Never Said Goodbye

Veste, Luca
An electrifying, edge of your seat thriller for fans of Harlan Coben, Linwood Barclay and Peter James. The day she died was only the beginning . . .

You Will Pay

Jackson, Lisa
In a fast-paced, brilliantly twisted novel of suspense from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson, the deadly secrets of a long-ago summer stir to life once more.

Your Mental Health Workout: A 5 Week Programme for a Happier, Healthier Mind

Aston, Zoe
A step-by-step customisable workout guide for your mental wellbeing.

Zero 22

Ryan Chris
The SAS is operating covertly in the wartorn badlands of northern Syria. They know it will be gritty, bloody and dangerous. But when Regiment legend Danny Black's unit, codenamed Zero 22, is tasked with a more routine operation, they don't expect it to end the way it does: in compromise and massacre, orchestrated by the shadowy Wagner Group, a paramilitary organisation in thrall to the Russian president.