Head Of Zeus

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The Fall

Blok, Rachael
The sins of the past echo in the present in the new literary thriller from crime-critic favourite, Rachael Blok.

Under the Ice

A girl's body is found in the local lake at Christmas, turning neighbour against neighbour in a close-knit community. A tense, emotionally charged thriller from a brilliant new voice.

Paradise Valley

BOX, C. J.
He's the Lizard King – a serial killer who haunts North America's highways and truck stops, preying on runaways and prostitutes. After years on the road, he's tired. The net is closing around him. Its time to end it.

Wolf Pack

BOX, C. J.
Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett confronts drug cartel killers hunting on his turf in the nineteenth installment of the bestselling US crime series.

Paradise Valley

Box, C.J.
Investigator Cassie Dewell's three-year hunt for the serial killer known as 'The Lizard King' comes to a climax.

Dark Sky

Box, C.J.
#1 New York Times bestseller C.J. Box returns with a new Joe Pickett novel. THE TIME HAS COME It's a crisp October morning in Wyoming's Twelve Sleep County, and game warden Joe Pickett should be keeping watch over his patch. Instead, the state governor has roped him into leading Silicon Valley billionaire Steven Price on a hunting trip.

Paradise Valley

Box, C.J.
Investigator Cassie Dewell's three-year hunt for the serial killer known as 'The Lizard King' comes to a climax.

Shots Fired

Box, C.J.
Ten short stories from the international bestseller CJ Box -- three of them exclusive to this book.

Long Range

The wife of a prominent local judge is shot and killed on Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett's turf. But as Joe investigates, all signs point to the shot having been taken from an impossibly long distance. Joe has seen a lot in his time as warden, but he's never seen a killing like this. How could the shooting have been arranged? And who else is in the cross hairs?

Vicious Circle

One man hell-bent on avenging his family, the other dead-set on protecting his... Joe Pickett always knew there'd be a day of reckoning. And now that day has come.

What Do Animals Think And Feel?

Brensing, Karsten
A fascinating study of animal behaviour, from an eminent German marine biologist, revealing them to be as sentient and self-aware as we humans are.

A Galway Epiphany

Bruen, Ken
Jack Taylor has finally escaped his violent life in Galway for a quiet retirement in the countryside, but - of course - things won't stay quiet for long.