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Pollock Confidential: A Graphic Novel

Catacchio, Onofrio
The first graphic novel on the legendary painter Jackson Pollock

Introducing Semiotics: A Graphic Guide

Cobley, Paul
Outlines the development of sign study from its classical precursors to contemporary post-structuralism. This title identifies the key semioticians and their work and explains the simple concepts behind difficult terms. It is suitable for those who wish to know why signs are crucial to human existence.

Introducing Heidegger: A Graphic Guide

Collins, Jeff
Martin Heidegger - philosophy's 'hidden king', or leading exponent of a dangerously misguided secular mysticism. Heidegger has been acclaimed as the most powerfully original philosopher of the twentieth century. This title provides an introduction to his notoriously abstruse thinking, mapping out its historical contexts.

Introducing Capitalism: A Graphic Guide

Cryan, Dan
The history, philosophy and politics of one of the biggest, most successful but most controversial ideas ever.

Billionaires (Graphic Edition)

Cunningham, Darryl
The richest one percent in our society have wild and disproportionate political and cultural influence. Who are these people? What are their lives like? Darryl Cunningham delves into the world of the super-rich and shares their stories with an unbiased eye.

Putin's Russia: The Rise of a Dictator

Cunningham, Darryl
Master manipulator or gangster? The malign thrust of Putin's domestic and foreign policy is exposed in Cunningham's latest page-turning biography including his early life, political career, the wars in Chechnya, Crimea and the Ukraine, the crackdown on human rights, Brexit, Trump - and the poisonings.

Graphic Science: Seven Journeys of Discovery

Cunningham, Darryl
Celebrated cartoonist Darryl Cunningham draws compelling portraits of seven scientists who for reasons of gender, race, mental health, poverty - excessive wealth, even - have not won the recognition they deserve. Antoine Lavoisier, Mary Anning, George Washington Carver, Alfred Wegener, Nikola Tesla, Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Fred Hoyle.