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Monasticism in Ireland: AD 900-1250

Bhreathnach , Edel
The history of monasticism in early Ireland is dominated by its flourishing during the sixth and seventh centuries, a period dominated by Columba of Iona and Columbanus of Bobbio, and later by the ' reform' spearheaded by Malachy of Armagh during the twelfth century. But what of monasticism in Ireland during the intervening period?

Ireland in the Medieval World, AD400-1000: Landscape, Kingship and Religion

Bhreathnach, Edel
REPRINT. Aimed at the student and general reader, this is a study of Ireland’s people, landscape and place in the world from late antiquity to the reign of Brian Bórama.

The Shattered Worlds of Standish O'Grady: An Irish Life in Writing

Boettcher, Christopher
Standish O'Grady (1846-1928) is best remembered as the 'Father of the Irish Literary Revival'. Critics of have long puzzled, however, about the turns and contradictions of the 'Fenian-unionist's' thinking.

Book collecting in Ireland and Britain, 1650-1850

Boran, Elizabethanne
This volume explores the world of book collecting in early modern Ireland and Britain. It investigates the ways in which texts, both manuscript and printed, were collected, and draws attention to the wider impact of the European book trade on changing reading habits and the availability of books.

Wilhelmina Geddes: Life and Work

Bowe, Nicola Gordon

William Marshal and Ireland

Bradley, John

William Marshal and Ireland

Bradley, John
This richly illustrated collection of essays examines for the first time the important Irish career of one of the most famous personalities of medieval Europe, William Marshal (c.1146-1219).

Dublin from 1970 to 1990 : The City Transformed

Brady, Joseph
Dublin's footprint grew steadily during the 1970s with housing transforming the landscape of the west of the city, especially in Tallaght, Clondalkin, and Blanchardstown. It was a time of change with the dominance of the city centre increasingly challenged by suburban shopping centres as Dubliners embraced the freedom offered by the motor car.

Dublin from 1970 to 1990: The City Transformed

Brady, Joseph

Dublin, 1950-1970: Houses, Flats and High Rise

Brady, Joseph