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The Emergent

Afifi, Nadia
The ruthless new leader of the fundamentalist Trinity Compound seeks to understand his strange neurological connection with Amira and unleash an army on an unstable North America. Together, Amira and Barlow form an uneasy alliance in pursuit of scientific breakthroughs and protection from shared enemies. But new discoveries uncover dark secrets...

Shadow Flicker

Bastianelli, Gregory
Insurance investigator Oscar Basaran travels to Kidney Island to document the negative effects of shadow flicker from wind turbines on residents living near the windmills. As his investigation deepens, he discovers the turbines create a phenomena kept secret by a select group of people on the island who attempt to harness its dark power.

Raphael Masterpieces of Art

Biggs, Julia
The archetypal artist of the High Renaissance, Raphael is regarded as one of the greatest painters of all time. This beautifully illustrated new book discusses his life as well as the themes, styles and techniques of his art, along with examples of his most famous works, including Sistine Madonna, The Triumph of Galatea and Transfiguration.

American Dreams

Bromberg, Kenneth
After witnessing his mother's rape and murder by Russian soldiers, Max and his father escape to New York. Young Max meets Sophie, a Polish girl forced to marry a local crime boss, and thus begins Max's ruthless climb to dominance of the New York underworld and Sophie's transformation into a strong woman who will allow no man determine her fate.

The Way of the Worm

Campbell, Ramsey
The present. The cult that has been growing since The Searching Dead now operates openly throughout the world. Their leader, Christian Noble, is almost a century old and inhumanly vital. Dominic Sheldrake joins the cult and learns their secret of travelling through time, but only to be faced with the monstrous future the cult is invoking.

Mestiza Blood

Castro, V.
A short story collection of nightmares, dreams, desire and visions centered around the Chicana experience. V.Castro, "a dynamic and innovative voice" (Booklist) weaves urban legend, folklore, life experience and heartache in this intimate anthology of modern horrors.

The Count Of Monte Cristo

Dumas, Alexandre
The epic adventure of revenge and redemption. Little treasures, the FLAME TREE COLLECTABLE CLASSICS are chosen to create a delightful and timeless home library. Each stunning, gift edition features deluxe cover treatments, ribbon markers, luxury endpapers and gilded edges. With a Glossary of Victorian and Literary terms.

Music of the Night: from the Crime Writers' Association

Edwards, Martin
Music of the Night is a new anthology of original short stories contributed by Crime Writers' Association (CWA) members and edited by Martin Edwards, with music as the connecting theme. The aim, as always is to produce a book which is representative both of the genre and the membership of the world's premier crime writing association.

Vintage Crime: from the Crime Writers' Association

Edwards, Martin
Vintage Crimes will be a CWA anthology with a difference, celebrating members' work over the years. The book will gather stories from the mid-1950s until the twenty-first century by great names of the past, great names of the present together with a few hidden treasures by less familiar writers.

The Devil's Equinox

Everson, John
Austin secretly wishes his wife would drop dead. He even tells a stranger in a bar, who turns out to be his new neighbor, Regina. One night he comes to find his wife dead. Soon he's entranced with Regina, who introduces him to a world of bloodletting and magic. Can he save his daughter, and himself, before the planets align for the Devil's Equinox?

Five Deaths for Seven Songbirds

Everson, John
When Eve Springer arrives in Belgium to join the Songbirds and study with the world famous Prof. Ernest Von Klein at The Eyrie, a music conservatory, it's the fulfillment of her lifelong dream. But that dream is soon to become a nightmare. Because somebody is murdering the Songbirds... using their own instruments as weapons! Will Eve be next?

The Best Kept Secrets of Ireland

Eyres, Kevin
Ireland's landscape of rolling hills, moody lakes and abandoned castles recalls an ancient past, but its vibrant cities and towns speak of a modern state that combines the richness of the past with the diversity of the present day. This book showcases both of these elements through beautiful photography and fascinating text.