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A Way Forward for the Church AUDIO CD

The Church must understand that the world was hit by a cultural tsunami during the twentieth century. We must humbly begin to put the pieces back together again, in constant touch with the Holy Spirit, if our new and vibrant 21st century is to sing a new song to the Lord.

Beyond Mindfulness Guided Meditations & Lyrics - 2 AUDIO CDs

'Beyond Mindfulness' CD1 comprises of Morning, Midday and Evening Meditation. There is a short introductory talk preceding every meditation. The Scriptural dimension, combined with the soothing lyrics will create a unique and beautiful experience of contemplation. You will find yourself more attuned each day, not just to the 'Present Moment' but also to the 'Presence' in the moment.

Celtic Spirituality - 4 Audio CDs

Moriarty, John
4 Audio CD Box Set recorded at Glendaloough. John Moriarty was born in Kerry in 1938 and educated at Listowel and University College Dublin. He taught English literature at Manitoba University in Canada for six years, before returning to Ireland in 1971. Sometime gardener, lecturer and broadcaster, in 1997 he hosted a major RTE television series, 'The Blackbird and the Bell'. He is author of Dreamtime (1994/99), and the two other volumes of Turtle Was Gone a Long Time: Crossing the Kedron (1996) and Anaconda Canoe (1998). He lived at the Horse's Glen near Mangerton Mountain in north Kerry.

Etty Hillesum: A Life Transformed - 3 Audio CDs

This title explores Etty Hillesum's life and writings, seeking to understand what it was about her that was so remarkable, how her journey developed, how her spirituality was shaped, and what her profound reflections on the roots of violence and the nature of evil can teach us today.

James Joyce and Percy French 2 Audio CDS

Breakdown - CD 1: James Joyce and the structure of the Mass CD 2: Percy French - Every man has got the finest plan you've ever seen now. Dom Mark Patrick Hederman OSB, Glenstal Abbey, Limerick, Ireland, is a Benedictine monk, teacher, lecturer and writer. Formerly headmaster of the school at Glenstal, he was later named academic dean.

Jesus Comes to Make all Things New - 10 Audio CDs

Speaker Jean Vanier Venue Maynooth College Product Details 10 Audio CD Box Set About Jean Vanier Jean Vanier is the founder of the Lâ??Arche communities; an international network of communities within which people with learning disabilities and people who do not share that life experience live together, not as carer and cared for, but as fellow human beings who share a mutuality of care and need. The Lâ??Arche communities provide a unique model of inclusive community which is underpinned by a profound spirituality and theology about which Vanier has written extensively. His work on the theology of disability and the spirituality of community and friendship is widely recognized as being of profound significance for disability theology and the practice of community.

Living Laudato Si - 8 Audio CDs

Pope Francis - Living Laudato Si It's Theological, Spiritual and Practical Application. Various: Fr. Donal Dorr Fr. Sean McDonagh Dr. Lorna Gold (Trocaire) Prof. Eamonn Conway Dr. Catriona Russell Date June 2016 Venue Dromintine Retreat Centre Product Details 8 Audio CD Set

Love's Doorway To Life - An Alternative Biography Of Patrick Kavanagh - 3 Audio CDs

‘Love’s Doorway to Life’ is a unique compilation of Patrick Kavanagh’s work, which traces the story of his life from the drumlin hills of Monaghan to the Grand Canal in Dublin. Together with her brother Art, also expert in the field, they follow in broad outline Kavanagh’s poetic life and his struggle to fulfil this destiny as a writer. Fully aware of his eccentric public persona and frequent social improprieties, these recordings remain attuned, to the poet’s unique conviction that “posterity has no use for anything but the soul”. Utilising more than 50 excerpts that cover three stages of his life, Kavanagh is celebrated as the people’s poet who captures the spirit of a people and immortalises cameos of Irish life in a lyrical language that is unsurpassed. Disc One: Poet and Farmer, the poet’s early Doorway to life and love Disc Two: Exile in Dublin and search for Recognition Disc Three: Turning Point, Rebirth and Final Years The words of Patrick Kavanagh are spoken with the kind permission of the trustees of the estate of the late Katherine B. Kavanagh, through the Jonathan Williams Literary Agency. The script is by Dr Úna Agnew

Mindfulness and Compassion - 4 Audio CDs

Title Mindfulness and Compassion Speaker Prof Paul Gilbert, Tony Bates, Br Richard and Sr Stanislaus Date October 2013 Venue Dublin Castle, Ireland Product Details 4 Audio CD Set

Stress - The every-day stresses of our lives and how to manage them - 1 Audio CD

This is a single audio CD covering the following topics: Learning from the Tortoise Step Number One Know Yourself The Masks we wear Personality Types 'A' and 'B' What motivates you? The Enneagram Theory of Personality The Nine Types Step Number Two Know your Warning Signs Our Primitive Stress Response Breathing Exercise Physical Exercise Nutrition Time Management Getting Help Positive Self-Talk The Enneagram Revisited Reframing Irrational Beliefs Using Imagination Visual Imagery Exercise

The Spirituality of Thomas Merton - 5 Audio CD Set

Breakdown CD 1: Merton's Hope and Tranquility CD 2: Merton's Spirituality & his Mandala for PeaceMakers CD 3: Cultural Diversity or Trans-cultural Consciousness CD 4: The Paschal Heart of Merton's Spirituality CD 5: Merton's Vision of the Kingdom About Thomas Merton Thomas Merton (1915 - 1968) was an American Trappist monk and author, born in Prades in the Pyrénées-Orientales département of France. Merton wrote more than 50 books, 2000 poems, and a countless number of essays, reviews, and lectures that have been recorded and published. He is widely acclaimed as one of the most influential American spiritual writers of the past century.