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Tickets Please : A Journey Through the Irish Past (Delayed July)

Armstrong, John
John Armstrong takes us on a railway journey from Kingsbridge Station in Dublin to Waterford and beyond, using Edwardian postcards to illustrate the many towns, villages and topographical features that the traveler would have viewed through the train window or disembarked to explore at a more leisurely pace.

Moral Formations : Discipline and Religion in the Irish Army

Ayiotis, Daniel
The first uniformed troops of the National Army appeared on the streets of Dublin in February 1922 as the IRA fractured along the fault lines of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

Swords Castle Digging

Baker. Christine
Swords was once a major administrative centre, the headquarters of a vast estate belonging to the archbishop of Dublin, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the country. It was especially ?tting that in 1996 Fingal County Council selected Swords as its headquarters, the splendid new o?ces now overlooking this ancient seat of authority. And the year 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the ?rst serious investigation of the castle, when the late Tom Fanning excavated a highly decorated tiled ?oor, leaving us in no doubt that this was the site of a stylish medieval residence as well as the headquarters of a manorial estate.

The Parks and Gardens of Dublin

Boylan, Christy

Milltown An Illustrated History

Costello, David
Recover the lost history of Milltown, County Dublin in this first stand-alone history of the old village of Milltown, County Dublin.

Kimmage An Illustrated History

Curtis, Joe
At the foundation of the State in 1922, Kimmage was just a crossroads (KCR), with farmland all around, but then thousands of houses were built by Dublin Corporation in the 1930's, bringing life to the area

Dublin : Medieval Heritage

Dargan, Pat

Galway : City of Heritage

Dargan, Pat

Boyne and Beyond - Essays in appreciation of George Eogan

Doyle, Pegin
The UNESCO World Heritage site of Brú na Bóinne in the Boyne Valley is home to Ireland’s finest passage tomb complexes of Knowth, Dowth and Newgrange.

No Mere Irish : The Kennedy's of Mount Kennedy

Hicks, Therese
A family history, encapsulating that of Ireland, from the 17th century. Wicklow, Dublin and Kennedy family interest

The Irish Dental Association - A Centenary History

Kinsella, Eoin
In this vital account of the Irish Dental Association, published to mark its centenary, Eoin Kinsella and Frances Nolan explore the history of the Association and of its influence on the dental profession.

You Will Dye At Midnight : Victorian Threatening Letters

MacCraken, Donal
Victorian Ireland was global champion of threatening letters. This book reveals the murky world where tens of thousands of these letters and notices were nailed to barn doors or sent by penny post, intimidating, giving ‘fair warning’ and terrorizing the recipients. These victims were sometimes landlords, land agents, and land grabbers. Equally, they could be small farmers disputing land occupancy with neighbors.