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Mozart: The Reign of Love

Swafford, Jan
A vivid new biography, toppling the many myths surrounding Mozart, which will undoubtedly be the standard biography for years to come.

Theroux The Keyhole : Dispatches from a grounded documentary maker

Theroux, Louis
Come round to Louis Theroux's house where the much-loved TV documentary-maker, podcaster and bestselling author of Gotta Get Theroux This finds himself in unexpected danger . . .

Frank and Fearless - Life in Boxing **EXP

Warren, Frank
From modest beginnings as an unlicensed promoter for his second cousin, Lenny 'The Guv'nor' Maclean, Frank has become one of the most influential figures in global boxing. An International Hall of Fame boxing promoter and manager, he has had a ringside seat to the action and has manged and worked with many of the most iconic names in British boxing history: Hamed, Bruno, Tyson, Calzaghe, Benn, Collins, Eubank, Khan and Hatton to name but a few. This is Frank's story.

1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows: A Memoir

Weiwei, Ai
In his widely anticipated memoir, Ai Weiwei - one of the world's most famous artists and activists - tells a century-long epic tale of China through the story of his own extraordinary life and the legacy of his father, Ai Qing, the nation's most celebrated poet.

Sticky : The Secret Science of Surfaces

Winkless, Laurie
At the scale of atoms and molecules, things often like to stick together. But these tiny interactions don't just matter at the nanoscale; working together, they produce some important larger-scale forces. Like friction, for example: the force that keeps cars on the road, trains on the tracks and our feet on the ground; or drag, a phenomenon encountered by anything moving through water or air.

Hot Mess - What on Earth Can We Do About Climate Change?

Winning, Matt
For fans of Randall Munro's WHAT IF? Matt Parker's HUMBLE PI and anyone looking for practical tips on how to stop the end of the world!

Too Famous : The Rich, The Powerful, The Wishful, The Damned, The Notorious - Twenty Years of Columns, Essays and Reporting

Wolff, Michael
Barbed, witty, revealing and entertaining, Too Famous could be an instant classic. Bestselling author of Fire and Fury, Siege and Landslide and chronicler of the Trump White House Michael Wolff dissects more of the major monsters, media moguls and vainglorious figures of our time. His scalpel opens their lives, careers and always equivocal endgames with the same vividness and wit he brought to his evisceration of the former president.

Bourdain : In Stories

Woolever, Laurie
When Anthony Bourdain died in June 2018, fans around the globe came together to celebrate the life of an inimitable man who had dedicated his life to traveling nearly everywhere (and eating nearly everything), shedding light on the lives and stories of others. His impact was outsized and his legacy has only grown since his death. Now, for the first time, we have been granted a look into Bourdain's life through the stories and recollections of his closest friends and colleagues.

Brilliant Maps: An Atlas for Curious Minds

Wright, Ian
See the world anew with this unique and beautifully designed infographic atlas.