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Get Your Oomph Back: A guide to exercise after a cancer diagnosis

Garritt, Carolyn
If you have had a cancer diagnosis you will probably have been told that exercise is beneficial at all stages, but not how to do this, what is safe and what is appropriate for you. Cancer rehab personal trainer Carolyn Garritt provides a practical, illustrated guide based on many years' experience and her work with Maggie's Cancer Support.

Bridge the Culture Gaps: A toolkit for effective collaboration in the diverse, global workplace

Gibson, Robert
The essential guide for working in diverse teams and across cultures today - including models, tools and real life examples to help break through invisible boundaries.

Trust No One : Inside the World of Deepfakes

Grothaus, Michael
Deepfake technology can create video evidence of just about anything: Hollywood superstar Margot Robbie in an orgyChinese president Xi Jinping declaring nuclear warbasketball legend Michael Jordan winning the World Cup. The only limit is the imagination. In a time where fake news and disinformation is becoming harder and harder to identify, it is more essential than ever to understand the dark origins of deepfakes.

The Exchange Student Survival Kit: Advice for your International Exchange Experience

Hansel, Bettina
The Exchange Student Survival Kit is the essential guide for young people traveling abroad, full of examples from the experiences of dozens of exchange students from a broad spectrum of cultures.

It's Not You, It's the Workplace: Women's Conflict at Work and the Bias that Built it

Harris, Alton B.
Tension between women in the workplace is holding them and their organizations back. This book gives practical advice for battling the stereotypes about female working relationships, helping women achieve, succeed and lead.

Ruck Me : (I've Written Another Book)

Haskell, James
The side-splittingly hilarious new book from Sunday Times bestselling author, rugby icon, and stag do in human form, James Haskell. It's 2021 and James is at a crossroads. His glittering international rugby career that took him from England to New Zealand and France - including 77 caps for England - is over.

The Missing Pieces Of Mum

Herbert, Sally
A stolen past, a search for the truth, two lives changed foreverBorn out of wedlock in Dublin in 1937, Phyllis grew up in a tough, church run orphanage. She thought by fulfilling her dream to become a nurse in England, her life might change, but her loveless childhood predisposed a loveless marriage and things began to spiral out of control for her and for her daughter, Sally. Looking for the answers to why both their lives went so spectacularly wrong, led Sally to ask questions about the real identity of her mother: "Who was she? Why was she abandoned...

The Clanlands Almanac

Heughan, Sam
A seasonal meander through the wilds of Scotland.

Her Diaries and Notebooks

Highsmith, Patricia
'It promises to be one of the literary highlights of 2021 - publication of the diaries of Patricia Highsmith, one of the most conflicted, fascinating novelists of the 20th century' Edward Helmore, Guardian

Fight! : Thirty Years Not Quite at the Top

Hill, Harry
From a childhood spent making smoke bombs, killing wasps and carving soap in 70s Kent, Harry Hill then found himself in charge of hundreds of sick people as a junior doctor. Out of his depth and terrified, he chucked it all in to pursue his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. Battling his way through the 90s Comedy circuit he quickly rose to become a household name and one of the UK's most celebrated comics, almost making it to the top of the showbiz tree .

My Life in Dire Straits : The Inside Story of One of the Biggest Bands in Rock History

Illsey, John
Dire Straits filled giant stadiums around the world and sold hundreds of millions of records. Throughout the eighties they were one of the biggest bands on the planet. Told with searching honesty, soulful reflection and wry humour, this is the first and only account of that incredible story.

Woke Up This Morning : The Definitive Oral History of the Sopranos

Imperioli, Michael
Who made the phone call that got HBO to launch the show? What's the significance of all those eggs? And, what the hell ever happened to the Russian? In Woke Up This Morning, Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa have all the answers - and they're revealing where all the bodies are buried. 'Someday soon, you're gonna have families of your own and if you're lucky, you'll remember the little moments like this, that were good' Tony Soprano