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Narcoball : Love, Death and Football in Escobar's Colombia

Arrowsmith, David
Pablo Escobar had one obsession. Not drugs, not money, not power... football.

Downfall : Prigozhin and Putin, and the new fight for the future of Russia

Arutunyan, Anna
Drawing on years of research, this book traces the rise of Russia's most prominent non-state actor and examines the political climate that propelled a convicted gangster with no government office to the formidable role he came to occupy. An essential story of Russia's recent history, Downfall is also a compelling insight into its likely future.

Borderlines : A History of Europe, Told From the Edges

Baston, Lewis
A riveting history of Europe told through twenty-nine key borders that define the past, present and future of our continent

The Digital Marketing Handbook: Create a simple strategy and grow your business online

Benham, Alice
From strategist, speaker and podcaster Alice Benham comes The Digital Marketing Handbook - an expert guide covering the fundamentals of marketing, filled with case studies and interviews with industry insiders

The House of Beckham : Money, Sex and Power

Bower, Tom
The explosive new book from Britain's leading investigative biographer, Tom Bower

The Neuroscience of Manifesting

Brennan, Dr Sabina
Everything you need to know to manifest the life of your dreams using the power of your own brain.

The Work Smarter Guide to Presenting: An Insider's Guide to Making Your Presentations Perfect

Clarke, Louisa
Giving consistently great presentations will boost your confidence, enhance your reputation and accelerate your career faster than pretty much anything else. Yet so many of us fear presenting in public. That fear can be turned into enjoyment. This book shows you how.

The Piano Player Of Budapest : A True Story Of Holocaust Survival, Music And Hope

de Bastion, Roxanne
This is a story about a piano and its most prodigious player - how it, along with him, survived.

Mafiopoli : Living Among the 'Ndrangheta - Italy's Most Powerful Crime Organisation

de Boer, Sanne
The 'Ndrangheta is the world's most powerful Mafia and it's behind a litany of violence, organised crime and corruption around the world. Bound together by blood ties, silent but deadly, and steeped in religious ritual, they are a Mafia unlike any other, and vastly more dangerous.

The Friday Afternoon Club : A Family Memoir

Dunne, Griffin
At nine, Sean Connery saved him from drowning. At thirteen, desperate to hook up with Janis Joplin, he attended his aunt Joan Didion's legendary L.A. party for the publication of Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test...

The Roads To Rome : A History

Fletcher, Catherine
Brimming with life and drama, this is the first book to explore two thousand years of European history through one the greatest imperial networks ever built

The Getting Unstuck Workbook: Practical Tools for Overcoming Fear and Doubt - and Moving Forward with Your Life

Frank, Britt
A practical workbook from the author of The Science of Stuck