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We Are Electric : The New Science of Our Body's Electrome

Adee, Sally
In We Are Electric, award-winning science writer Sally Adee explores the history of bioelectricity: from Galvani's epic eighteenth-century battle with the inventor of the battery, Alessandro Volta, to the medical charlatans claiming to use electricity to cure pretty much anything, to advances in the field helped along by the unusually massive axons of squid. And finally, she journeys into the future of the discipline, through today's laboratories where we are starting to see real-world medical applications being developed. The bioelectric revolution starts here.

Purposeful Curiosity: How asking the right questions will change your life

Andriopoulos, Dr Dr Costas
Open your mind to radical curiosity and be inspired by the journeys of curious and inquisitive people in order to push boundaries, make new discoveries and find meaning and purpose in your own life.

Tiny Traumas

Arroll, Meg
When little things have big impacts. This book is for anyone who feels that they're sleepwalking through life, looking for answers to challenging emotions and the practical tools to begin living the life they want.

Smarter Not Harder: A Guide to Reclaiming and Optimizing Your Health

Asprey, Dave
World-renowned biohacker and bestselling author Dave Asprey reveals how to maximize your well-being with the minimum effort, by taking control of your body's operating system.

How To Make Money

Bakkar, Nafisa
Do I believe in myself enough to do this? How do I find my first 100 customers? How do I make my first GBP100k? Can I run an ethical business and still make money? For Nafisa Bakkar (CEO and Forbes Under 30), the secret to building a business from scratch is all about asking - and answering - the right questions. When she started out, Nafisa had an idea, some passion and GBP50 to spend on her venture. But over the next twelve months, she hustled to find the answer to every problem she faced.

The Power of Connection: Change your relationships, transform your life

Barry, Dr Harry
A practical guide to improving your emotional connections and changing your life.

Transitional : In One Way or Another, We All Transition

Bergdorf, Munroe
Through the story of one woman's extraordinary mission to live with authenticity, Transitional shows us how to heal, how to build a stronger community and how to evolve as a society out of shame and into pride.

Ugly: Giving us back our beauty standards

Bhagwandas, Anita
Why are our lives shaped by such limited ideas about beauty? How can we break free of them for a happier, more inclusive future?

This Won't Hurt

Bigg, Marieke
Blending fascinating examples with historical and cultural context, and with an eye to a better future, THIS WON'T HURT is a must-read for anyone committed to making this world safe to navigate for all.

Us and Them : The Authorised Story of Hipgnosis

Blacke, Mark
Between the late '60s and early '80s, design house Hipgnosis created some of the most iconic and ubiquitous album artwork of all time. Their original lifespan coincided with the golden age of the 12-inch LP, beginning just as the Beatles' Sgt Pepper made the record sleeve the ultimate blank canvas and ending just as new technology looked set to usurp vinyl.