New Irish Non-Fiction Irish Non Fiction Published In November 2021

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(PB) Critical Race Theory and Inequality in the Labour Market: Racial Stratification in Ireland

Joseph, Ebun
This book employs critical race theory as a theoretical and analytical framework to unveil how racial stratification shapes the socioeconomic outcomes and racial inequality in the labour market. The pages guide students interested in CRT and investigating racism, discrimination and inequality. -- .

A Biographical Dictionary of British and Irish Engravers, 1714-1820

Alexander, David
The first reference work to cover all engravers working on copper in Britain and Ireland 1714-1820

A Cheesemonger's Compendium of British & Irish Cheese

Palmer, Ned
A full-colour, delicious guide to artisanal and farmhouse cheeses from the bestselling author of A Cheesemonger's History of the British Isles.

A Landscape of Words: Ireland, Britain and the Poetics of Space, 700-1250

Mulligan, Amy C. (Assistant Professor)
This book examines major literary texts by and about the Irish in the Middle Ages, providing an analysis of a spatial poetics developed over 600 years. It argues that the Irish theorised anew the concept of 'place' and developed a 'spatial turn' that reconfigured how communities in the Irish Sea region thought about writing, place and identity. -- .

A Lifetime Of Fishing

Dennis, David
A collection of short fishing stories by David Dennis, including a wealth of knowledge gained from a lifetime spent fishing, sometimes venturing into the darker side of the angler's psyche, and includes some of fishing's best kept secrets...

A Raw in a Cold Climate 2: 70 Raw Vegan Recipes

O'Reilly, Veronica

All-Star Gazing : 50 Years of the GAA All-Stars

Dunne, Eileen
Fifty years on, the story of the All-Stars has been penned by Moira and Eileen Dunne, daughters of Mick Dunne, who along with his fellow journalists, Paddy Downey, John D Hickey and Pádraig Puirséal, got the scheme up and running in 1971.

Americans Anonymous

Delaney, Barry
Americans Anonymous is a pictorial road trip across the United States, a country that, in the wake of Donald Trump, has never been more divided. From East to West by way of the Deep South, in the tradition of Robert Frank and Dorothea Lange, the photographs of Barry Delaney, accompanied by the poems of John O’Donnell, record the lives of ordinary people at an extraordinary time.

Archipelago Anthology

Oswald, Alice
Archipelago is one of the most important and influential literary magazines of the last twenty years. Archipelago: A Reader gathers poetry, prose and visual art in clusters grouped around the Irish and British archipelago, with contributions from an array of significant artists.

Askeaton Town

Cronin, Paddy

Assisting Children with Additional Needs

Flood, Eilis
A new edition of this comprehensive yet uncomplicated guide providing information on a wide range of additional needs, associated legislation and supports, together with key elements of good practice, in an Irish context for the new QQI Level 5 ELC award.

Auld Stock Tales And More From The Castlebar Parish Magazine 1971 To 2020

Egan, Liam
Auld Stock Tales is a collection of Articles, Stories and musing by Liam Egan. Most of the material appeared in the Castlebar Parish Magazine 1970 to 2020. The book evokes the Castlebar and Ireland of the mid-twentieth century and should appeal to all natives of the town both home and abroad.