New Irish Non-Fiction Irish Non Fiction Published In June 2024

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Great Classic Stories: And Why You Should Read Them

Barry, Jonathan
Irish illustrator Jonathan Barry disccuces twelve of the greatest novels and stories written in the golden age of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and why people should read and rediscover them.

Cold Porridge, Broken Promises And A Missing Dog : Notes From Nursing Home Advocacy

Carroll, Tony
Molly is desperately lonely. Alfie is forty-eight and just wants to go home. Nursing home residents often have no voice. They fall prey to coercive control and medical paternalism and are frequently deprived of their liberties. During the Covid-19 pandemic theywere all but abandoned by the Irish health service,with devastating consequences. Cold Porridge, Broken Promises and a Missing Dog explores how nursing home residents can be empowered to raise their voices and take back control of their lives using advocacy rooted in social justice and pastoral care.

Why You Can’t Go… and what you can do to find life-changing relief from constipation and bloating

Cooney, Lorraine
Written by leading gut-health dietitian Lorraine Cooney, this book takes a deep dive into the factors that could be contributing to constipation and its myriad related symptoms, such as bloating and gas.

Mam An’ Me - Living A Lifetime In A Day

Coote, Kieran
In Mam an’ Me, author Kieran Coote draws together, in a beautifully lyrical way, an ordinary day spent caring for his mother with remembrances of times past, and the lively, vivacious woman she was before her diagnosis of dementia.

Blackberries And Crubeens : Tralee Childhood Memories

Corduff, Ethel
Ethel Corduff (daughter of shopkeepers Edward and Maisie Walsh) offers readers a collection of prose, photographs and blank verse which capture a lost world.

Ireland's Loss Britain's Gain : Irish Nurses In Britain Nightingale To Millennium

Corduff, Ethel
The first history of Irish Nurses in Britain. The book records the impact of Irish Nurses on the British Health Service.

Fishamble Tiny Plays

Culleton, Jim
A collection of short works by a huge range of playwrights from innovative theatre company Fishamble, charting changes in Irish society

Social Care Practice Placement : An Essential Guide

de Róiste, Áine
An invaluable practical guide for social care students and their supervisors/field practice educators across all stages of their placement journey.

The Memoirs and Diaries of Judith Isobel Chavasse : An Account of Life in West Cork and Waterford (1867-1935)

Finnegan, Rachel
In this meticulously researched biography, the life of Judith Isobel Chavasse (1867-1935) unfolds through her memoirs and a remarkably preserved collection of diaries.

The Folklore of County Wexford (Vol 1)

Fortune, Michael
There have only been a few true pioneers in the field of folklore collection in Ireland, guardians, sacred recorders of our lore, who have collected and documented the treasures of folk tradition, and without doubt, Michael Fortune is one of them. In years to come, he may be regarded as Ireland’s Alan Lomax.

The May Bush In County Wexford

Fortune, Michael
A unique collection of material relating to the May Bush tradition and other May customs and folklore, produced by artist/folklorist Michael Fortune and artist/traditional singer Aileen Lambert.

Some Occasional Writings 2003 - 2024

Gaughan, J. Anthony
A collection of articles and reviews of works by distinguished biographers, celebrities, historians, philosophers and writers.