New Irish Non-Fiction Irish Non Fiction Published In February 2021

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A Quarter Glass of Milk: The rawness of grief and the power of the mountains

O'Sullivan, Moire
A Quarter Glass of Milk details the twelve months after mountain runner Moire O'Sullivan's husband, Pete, took his own life, leaving Moire with a stark choice: to weep forever over the glass of milk that had just spilt or to get on with the quarter that was still remaining.

A Whole New Plan for Living - Achieving Balance and Welness in a Changing World

Lucey, Jim
The comprehensive and powerful new book from renowned psychiatrist Jim Lucey.

Above Water: A Stolen Childhood, An Enduring Scandal, A Survivor's Story

Kearney, Trish
'The process of entrapment was quick and, in full view of my family and team-mates, I became a prisoner - bullied, manipulated and abused. So complete was Gibney's control of me, that not only could I not see a way out, it didn't even occur to me to look for one.'


Harmon, Maurice
At 90 years old, Maurice Harmon is making poems out of memory and out of the experience of growing old, recognising what is lost and the little that is gained.



Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook 2020


Banished Babies: The Secret Story of Ireland's Baby Export Business

Re-print. Banished Babies will shock and anger anyone who is prepared to confront the truth about Ireland s dark and sordid past.

Brevity is the Soul: Wit from Locked-Down Ireland

Gildea, Kevin
While Ireland (like much of the rest of the world) was in lockdown in Spring and Summer 2020, we scratched our heads and wondered what to do to help lift people's spirits. We decided to join forces with Irish Pensions & Finance and run a competition celebrating Irish people's love of a good story - and a good laugh.

Dark Blue: The Despair Behind The Glory - My Journey Back From The Edge

Carthy, Shane
Shane Carthy writes frankly and eloquently about his mental illness and his journey over the last five years.

Data Protection for Marketers: A Practical Guide

Roberts, Steven

Dear Crane

Wicks, Susan
A giant crane appears at the back windows of a residential street, its red 'eye' overlooking lives on the other side of the glass where Susan Wicks writes searchingly about our ordinary existence, its serendipities and unreliable sense-impressions. By the time the crane leaves, the landscape we knew will have changed and we too will have moved on.