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Popcorn Peggy - Allypals

Bee, Ally
A fun story about a unicorn who just can't get enough popcorn!

Majorca Maggie - Allypals

Bee, Ally
A fun story about a unicorn who's willing to do what it takes to get a holiday!

My Guardian Angel, My Best Friend: Seven stories for children

Byrne, Lorna
A collection of children's stories by international bestselling author Lorna Byrne.

My Christmas Songs

Feeney, Tatyana

A Hug For You : The heart-warming story of Adam King's Virtual Hug

King, David
Nothing warms us up quite like a hug, but what can we do when we can't be together?This is the story of a new hug's adventure and the boy who shared it with the world.

Johnny Magory Oíche Nollag Adventure

Leeson, Emma-Jane

Johnny Magory Foul Faeries

Leeson, Emma-Jane
Join Johnny and Lily-May on an adventure they will never forget in the first chapter book of the popular series.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Lynch, P.J.

Reindeer Down! : An Irish Christmas Tale

Mac a'Bhaird, Natasha
Santa's sleigh is flying over Ireland, delivering presents to all the boys and girls. But then Dancer hurts her leg and can't pull the sleigh. What will Santa do?

Giraffe in the Trees

McDonald, Brendan
Giraffe in the Trees - Gerry the Giraffe lives high up in the trees in beautiful Glendalough, Co Wicklow - overlooking the two lakes and magnificent Round Tower below. Gerry has a secret – he can’t swim - and doesn’t want to tell any of the other animals. But when his friend Billy the Goat gets into difficulty on the lake Gerry, assisted by his friends Molly the Mouse and Ben the Butterfly, must face his fear of the water to save the day!

The Ruins of Contracoeur and Other Presences

Oates, Joyce Carol
A group of resourceful young girls punish the men of a small town for unspeakable lusts by luring them to a derelict factory and into the toils of a bizarre contraption; a dead man tries to makes sense of a strange epiphany he experienced one day when out hiking amid gigantic ancient redwoods; and a state judge, fleeing disgrace, settles with his family on an isolated ruinous estate where some dread thing prowls in the night . . .