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Ahern, Cecelia
Discover this 5-star read: 'Wow' 'Heartwarming' 'Uplifting' 'Thought-provoking' 'One of those rare, special and unique heroines' 'A joy to read' What if the people who have the power to change your life are the ones who have been there all along...

The Avenue

Allen, Cecil
The year is 1950, World War II is over, food rationing is nearly finished and the word teenager has just been invented. There are nineteen identical yellow-brick terraced houses on one side of the Avenue and twenty on the other yet each house is a world of its own and as different from the next as the people who live in them.

The Singularities: A Novel

Banville, John
From the revered Booker Prize-winning author comes a playful, multilayered novel of nostalgia, life and death, and quantum theory, which opens with the return of one of his most celebrated characters as he is released from prison.

Na Rithe Beaga


Let Them Lie

Gillan, Florence
A highly original dark family drama centered around a devastating crime.

Black Web

Leonard, James
East Berlin, 1985 Bracing the blizzard, General Ivanovych glares at the searchlight perched on top of the concrete wall. Behind him, his family cower in silence. He touched the pistol on his hip. If he had led them into a trap, he would end it there and then; the alternative was too horrific to contemplate… February, 2022. The world teeters on the brink of war. The Russian build-up of troops on the Ukrainian and EU borders continues unabated. In a last-ditch effort to avert the pending war, Colonel Thomas Bauer – NATO Military Intelligence – parachutes into the Kurdish mountains. His mission: establish the facts surrounding the destruction of the gas supply line in Turkey. Thousands of kilometres away, Major Svetlana Nikolaeva investigates the mysterious deaths of four Cuban prison guards linked to the deceased Niall McGuire — her old nemesis. But as a counter-intelligence officer in Russia’s FSB, she has a far more important role to fulfil than playing detective. Their deaths are of little concern. Carrying out their missions, throws them on a course neither can control. As Svetlana’s life crumbles around her and Thomas’s objectives slip further and further away, the world edges towards chaos…

Madame Lazare vol 3

Mac Dhonnagain, Tadhg

What To Put In A Suitcase: 2022

McSkeane, Liz

Winter People: three days, three strangers, one question

Murphy, Grainne
The wild Atlantic coast of Ireland. Three strangers. One question: who are we without the people who love us?

This Eden

O'Loughlin, Ed
This Eden is a smart modern spy novel reminiscent the cybercrime novels of William Gibson as well as the golden age of panoramic international espionage fiction.

Closing In

Thompson, E.D.
'Tis the season ... to go into hiding. Taut and compelling, Closing In is a thrilling page-turner.