New Irish Fiction Irish Fiction Published In May 2021

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A Talented Man: A gripping suspense novel about a lost sequel to Dracula

McKervey, Henrietta
In the vein of Sarah Waters and Patricia Highsmith, a master forger 'discovers' a sequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula ... and will stop at nothing to claim his prize.


O'Carroll-Kelly, Ross

Fatal Move

Cearnach, Conall
Written in Belfast and Bangor during the partition of Ireland, the six strange stories comprising Conall Cearnach’s The Fatal Move are unusual documents of the time.s.


Mouzeviris, Chrisos
Doug Kelly is mentally and emotionally drained. Grieving and desperate, he accidentally overdoses in a cheap hotel room in Boston. As he lies on the bed, naked and slowly drying, he is visited by a dark entity that forces him to evaluate his time on earth.

I Want To Know That I Will Be Okay

Sullivan, Deirdre
The first book for adults by award-winning writer Deirdre Sullivan.

Legends and Lore : Ireland's Folk Tales

Scott, Michael

Magic and Myth: Ireland's Fairy Tales

Scott, Michael


Hession, Ronan
Panenka has spent 25 years living with his disastrous mistakes and begins to rebuild an improvised family life with his estranged daughter and her seven year old son. Faced with losing everything, he meets Esther, and together, they find resonance in each other's experiences and learn new ways to let love into their broken lives.

Perfcet Lie

Spain, Jo
The internationally bestselling author returns with a stunning new thriller set in Long Island that will keep you guessing right till the end

Prague 1938

The streets of Prague take centre stage in this smorgasbord of a novel: coming-of-age, familial upheaval, political unrest, artistic intrigue, rag order existence, the folly of youthful infatuation, the warp and woof of flight to a new world; and all of it played out under the looming shadow of war, of a world approaching the precipice. This is elegant, vibrant and read-on storytelling at its very best." – Alan McMonagle

RO'CK of Ages: From boom days to Zoom days

O'Carroll-Kelly, Ross