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Team : Getting Things Done with Others

Allen, David

Terrible Humans : The World's Most Corrupt Super-Villains And The Fight to Bring Them Down

Alley, Patrick
From the oligarch charged with ordering the killing of an investigative journalist to the mercenary army seizing the natural resources of an entire African country, this is a whirlwind tour of the dark underbelly of the world's super powerful and wickedly wealthy, and the daring investigators dragging them into the light.

Pixel Flesh : How Toxic Beauty Culture Harms Women

Atlanta, Ellen
Providing a fascinating account of the realities young women face under a dominant industry, Pixel Flesh unmasks the absurdities of the dystopia we find ourselves living in, acting as a rallying cry and a refusal to suffer in silence, forming a collective memoir of what it feels like to exist as a woman today.

The Third Perspective : Brave Expression in the Age of Intolerance

Brooke, Africa
You have your story, they have theirs - somewhere in-between lies the power of The Third Perspective. A compass for connection, in a deeply divided world.

How to Win a Grand Prix : From Pit Lane to Podium - the Inside Track

Collins, Bernie
Irish race-winning team strategist shows how F1 really works.

Tax, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll: The decade that went whoosh! Brits, hits and Ireland's cultural revolution

Corless, Damian
Tax & Drugs & Rock'n'Roll is the story of how an influx of British pop stars in the early 1980s was a significant catalyst in the cultural and social transformation of Ireland. Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Spandau Ballet and Def Leppard were amongst those who descended upon Dublin to endure a year of exile beyond the grasp of the UK taxman.

Making Menopause Matter: The Essential Guide to What You Need to Know and Why

Danzebrink, Diane
What does menopause mean to you, and what will it take for us to be the generation that changes things forever? Let's Make Menopause Matter.

Endgame 1944 : How Stalin Won The War

Dimbleby, Jonathan
A gripping and authoritative account of the year that sealed the fate of the Nazis, from the bestselling historian

Mind Magic: The Neuroscience of Manifestation and How It Changes Everything

Doty, Dr James
Mind Magic explores manifestation through the lens of neuroscience and offers inspiration and practical advice to readers on achieving their goals.

Land is All That Matters : The Struggle That Shaped Irish History

Dungan, Myles
in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe everyone lived 'off the land' in one way or another.

The Missing Thread : A New History Of The Ancient World Through The Women Who Shaped It

Dunn, Daisy
Spanning 3,000 years, from the birth of Minoan Crete to the death of the Julio-Claudian dynasty in Rome, a magisterial new history of the ancient world told, for the very first time, through women.

Think Like a Spy: Master the Art of Influence and Build Life-Changing Alliances

Fisher, Julian
Discover the secret skills of persuasion taught to intelligence officers and use them to achieve your goals. Learn how to win over powerful personal and professional allies by thinking like a spy.