New Irish Non-Fiction Irish Non Fiction Published In May 2024

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Misunderstanding Islam, Misunderstanding Al Aqsa

Alvey, Dave
The Al Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem has religious significance for Muslims across the world. It is also a major tension point in the Israel-Palestine conflict. In the context of the catastrophe being visited on the population of Gaza by Israel, this pamphlet explores its religious aspect, specifically, the role being played by western prejudice against Islam.

Plentiful Country: The Great Potato Famine and the Making of Irish New York

Anbinder, Tyler
From the award-winning author of Five Points and City of Dreams, a breathtaking new history of the Irish immigrants who arrived in the United States during the Great Potato Famine, showing how their strivings in and beyond New York exemplify the astonishing tenacity and improbable triumph of Irish America.

Northern Ireland Beyond 100

Bell, Desmond
As Northern Ireland moves beyond its centenary and the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement seasoned academics Desmond Bell and Liam O’Dowd pose the question of what the future holds for NI.

Decriminalizing Abortion in Northern Ireland: Allies and Abortion Provision

Bloomer, Fiona (Ulster University, UK)

The Puppet Masters

Burke, David
In his latest commentary, author David Burke reveals that the tone of The Puppet Masters is even more sinister than that of his first book Deception and Lies.

Heart & Home: Craft and DIY projects to bring love into your home and garden. From the creator of Dainty Dress Diaries

Carton, Catherine
Catherine Carton brings us from room to room, showing how we can infuse our homes with personality and style. With something for every space, budget and skill level, she encourages us to have fun, make mistakes, and put our own unique stamp on each project.

The Following Year

Chapman, Patrick

Cork / Corcaigh: Irish Historic Towns Atlas, no. 31

Clarke, Professor Howard, MRIA (Professo
This new historical atlas of Cork will explore the city from its origins to the present day. The emergence of Cork from a monastic settlement on a marshland site through to the thriving city we know today is explained in a thoroughly researched text, illustrated with newly created thematic maps, early views and photographs.

Belfast: The Story of a City and its People

Cochrane, Feargal

Carlo Acutis - A Short Biography

Collins, Michael
Carlo Acutis was a young boy who died in 2006, at the age of fifteen, and who is being fast-tracked towards beatification and sainthood.

Arise And Go: W.B. Yeats and the people and places that inspired him

Connolly, Kevin
The idea of place runs like a river through the life and works of the poet and playwright W.B. Yeats. This book focuses on his time in Dublin, London, Sligo and elsewhere in the west of Ireland, embracing the homes, landscapes and people that impacted his life and stimulated his vast body of work.