New Irish Non-Fiction Irish Non Fiction Published In July 2021

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A City Imagined : Belfast Soulscapes

Dawe, Gerald
A City Imagined is a paean to the city of Belfast and its writers. Written in his highly regarded wry and lyrical style, Dawe’s memoir sketches the outlines of his life as he starts to understand the city in which he was born, before embracing some of the local writers whose early work had such an influential part in nudging him in the direction of writing – poets, in the main, whose first books were read with the enthusiasm of a young man beguiled by the language and music of poetry.

A History of Irish Women's Poetry

Darcy, Ailbhe (Cardiff University)
A comprehensive survey of the field of Irish women's poetry, this book will be of intense interest to students, researchers, and general readers alike. Coverings all historical periods - early modern, Renaissance, eighteenth-century, modern and contemporary, it closely reads poetry through many prisms - mythology, gender, history, the nation.

An Craiceann agus a Luach

Ni Ghallchobhair, Eithne

An Guth Aduaidh

Ni Ghallchoir, Colette

Balanced Body & Mind : A Complex Equation

Byrne, C.J.
Balanced Body and Mind: A Complex Equation takes a holistic approach to weight loss, but it is much more than a diet book. It gives you the tools you need to explore the areas of your life that you struggle with and that are impacting your happiness and wellbeing.

Beneath the Poulaphuca Reservoir : The 1939 Poulaphuca Survey of the Lands Flooded by the Liffey Reservoir Scheme

Corlett, Christiaan, Ed.
Re-print. The 1939 Poulaphuca survey of the lands flooded by the Liffey Reservoir Scheme.

Cardinal Sin: Challenging power abuse in the Catholic Church

Devlin, Brian
“Catholicism needs another reformation…” A former priest, Brian Devlin provides ‘front-row seat’ details of the scandal that unravelled around the allegations against Scottish Catholic Cardinal Keith O’Brien. One of four whistle-blowers, Brian Devlin has made an effort to recount the story not from a place of anger and hurt but learning and change. The domineering style of governance and the dismissive and scornful attitude of the ecclesiastical hierarchy towards victims of the Church needs urgent reform.

Casement : Decoding False History

Hyde, Paul R
April 21 Publication date. This book is the result of original research undertaken since publication of Anatomy of a Lie by Paul R. Hyde in 2019. This book represents a further penetration into the century-long ‘Black Diaries’ controversy.

Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?

O'Reilly, Seamas
Froman Observer columnist and Twitter sensation, the story of a boy growing up in a family bonded by loss, love and mockery, set against the backdrop of Northern Ireland in the 1990s.

Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?

O'Reilly, Seamus
Did Ye Hear Mammy Died? is Seamas O'Reilly's memoir of growing up as one of eleven children in rural Northern Ireland in the 1990s after the death of their mother when Seamas was five. He delves into his family - his pleasingly eccentric, reticent but deeply loving father; his rambunctious siblings, intent on enforcing a byzantine age-based hierarchy; and the numerous bewildering friends, relations and neighbours who blew in and out to 'help'.

Exploring Ireland's Middle Kingdom: A Guide to the Ancient Kingdom of Meath

Packenham, Valerie
This is the first guide to explore exciting places across the four counties of the old Middle Kingdom, beginning in time with the great Stone Age monuments at Brú na Bóinne until the present day. It takes in historic towns and castles, abbeys and churches, gardens and follies, pristine lakes to swim in and hills to climb. Illustrated throughout, it is divided into 8 sections, each with its own map. This is the perfect guidebook for travellers or for those simply wishing to explore the countryside around them.