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Sleepless : Discovering the Power of the Night Self

Abbs, Annabel
A moving, revelatory voyage into the dark, Sleepless invites us to feel less anxious about our sleep, and to embrace the possibilities of the night.

Infectious Generosity : The Ultimate Idea Worth Spreading

Anderson, Chris
Recent years have been tough on optimists. Hopes that the Internet might bring people together have been crushed by the ills of social media. Is there a way back? Chris Anderson, the head of TED, believes that we can turn outrage back into optimism.

So Fetch : The Making of Mean Girls (and Why We're Still So Obsessed with it)

Armstrong, Jennifer Keishin
The inside story of the making of Mean Girls - and our enduring 20-year obsession with it

Reason to Be Happy : Why logical thinking is the key to a better life

Basu, Kaushik
Full of fascinating thought experiments and puzzles, Reason to Be Happy is a paean to the power of rationality. If you want to have a good life and even make the world a better place, you can start by thinking clearly.

Talking with Psychopaths and Savages: Guilty but Insane

Berry-Dee, Christopher

Lovers in Auschwitz : A True Story

Blankfeld, Keren
An unbelievable true story of romance, sacrifice, loss, and resilience, Lovers in Auschwitz chronicles the lives of two young people ensnared in the Nazis' horrific creation, who discovered hope and humanity in history's darkest hour.

The Resilience Toolkit: A proven four-step process to unlock your true potential

Bojilova, Dr Alia
A peak performance psychologist and coach on the simple steps anybody can take to unlock your full potential and achieve your best with calm and control.

I Seek a Kind Person : My Father, Seven Children and the Adverts that Helped Them Escape the Holocaust

Borger, Julian
In 1938, Jewish families are scrambling to flee Vienna. Desperate, they take out adverts offering their children into the safe keeping of readers of a British newspaper, the Manchester Guardian. The right words in the right order could mean the difference between life and death.

Our Moon : A Human History

Boyle, Rebecca
A cultural and scientific history of the Moon from prehistoric archaeology to the most recent technological and scientific research today. Rebecca Boyle is an award-winning young female science writer with bylines in publications such as The Atlantic, Wired, The New Yorker. Her work has twice been anthologised in the Best American Science & Nature Writing

Living the Artist's Way: An Intuitive Path to Creativity

Cameron, Julia
The essential Artist's Way programme on guiding ourselves back to creativity

Filterworld : How Algorithms Flattened Culture

Chayka, Kyle
The early promise of a free Internet is long gone. Now, rather than allowing us a meaningful relationship with a range of content of our choosing, algorithms have not only removed genuine choice but de-texturized the world around us: smoothed its edges, planed down friction, and flattened differences. So coffee shops from Brooklyn to Beijing are inflected with a similar, 'Instagrammable' aesthetic.