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The Last Yakuza : A Life in the Japanese Underworld

Adelstein, Jake
'Sacred, ferocious, and businesslike, Adelstein describes the Japanese mafia like nobody else.' Roberto Saviano, on Tokyo Vice

Deterring Armageddon: A Biography of NATO

Apps, Peter
The inside story of the world's most successful military alliance, from the wrecked Europe of 1945 to Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

Interesting Facts About Space

Austin, Emily
Full of charm, humour and heart, Interesting Facts About Space is a pitch-perfect exploration of the strange ways we try to connect with others, and the power of sharing our secret selves with the people we love.

The Phone Fix : The Brain-Focused Guide to Building Healthy Digital Habits and Breaking Bad Ones

Begeti, Faye
What is really happening in your brain when you use your phone, and how to harness it.

The 12 Week MBA: Essential Management Skills for Leaders

Billhardt, Bjorn
Based on a 12-week Mini MBA program taught to professionals at global Fortune 500 companies, this is a practical and inspiring guide to management education for all managers and aspiring business leaders.

It's Not A Bloody Trend: Understanding Life as an ADHD Adult

Brown, Kat
A unique and much-needed book that is part memoir/part self-help guide for adults either diagnosed with ADHD or finding they recognise the symptoms in themselves.

Cuckooland : Where the Rich Own the Truth

Burgis, Tom
From the bestselling author of Kleptopia comes a true story about Cuckooland - a world where the rich can buy everything - including the truth

Hardy Women : Mother, Sisters, Wives, Muses

Byrne, Paula
'He understands only the women he invents - the others not at all' Thomas Hardy is one of the most beloved and most-read British authors. His influence on literature and the minds of his readers is singular. But how is it that the novelist who created some of the most memorable and modern female characters in literature had such troubled relationships with real women?

Dead Weight : On hunger, harm and disordered eating

Clein, Emmeline
Emmeline Clein's own history of disordered eating began when she was just twelve. In Dead Weight, alongside her own experience and through the stories of other women “ famous figures from across time and popular culture, and girls she's known and loved “ she traces the medical and cultural history of anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia and binge eating disorder.

Melting Point: Family, Memory and the Search for a Promised Land : A groundbreaking family history for fans of Edmund de Waal and Philippe Sands

Cockerall, Rachel
'A truly radical book; radical in subject, radical in form. For the most tragic oeasons, it could not feel more immediate; and yet it's a fluid, fast-paced, hugely enjoyable and engaging read.' - Andrew Marr

Uncivilised : Ten Lies that Made the West

Das, Subhadra
In an age of division and entrenched inequality, Uncivilised is a timely, provocative and entertaining counter to the ideas and assumptions that have shaped the West, exposing the fatal flaws at its core.