New Irish Non-Fiction Irish Non Fiction Published In October 2022

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Woods on Liquor Licensing Laws, 5th edition

Andrews, Nicola-Jane (Author)
Licensing applications account for 12% of all matters that come before the District Court. The licensing code, as it is generally called, embraces a multitude of provision contained in the Licensing Acts, statutes dealing with the Revenue Commissioners, illicit distillation and the registration of clubs. Anomalies abound throughout the patchwork of statutes which constitute this code. In the first decade of this century, five intoxicating liquor Acts have added their own complexities to the code and the relevant provisions of these Acts have been incorporated into previous editions of the book.

I Imagine Myself

Auge, Celeste

Savage Tales

Bergin, Tara
This third highly inventive collection by Tara Bergin is a diary-reflection on the savagery of modern life told in a series of fragmented entries.

The Last Cold Day

Berkeley, Sara

The Last Cold Day

Berkeley, Sara

Time and Tide

Bird, Charlie
A poignant and introspective memoir from Irish journalist and broadcaster Charlie Bird.

Companies Act 2014: 2022 Edition


Enemy of the Crown

Burke, David
Fans of real life political intrigue will love David Burke's new book which delves into the British Secret Service campaign against Charles Haughey.

Michael Collins : Ireland's Rebel Son : Graphic Novel

Butler, David
A graphic novel telling a thrilling tale of passion, courage and determination. Michael Collins was a hero in life, and in death his legend continues to grow. Joining the IRB in London, he took his place in the GPO at Easter 1916, then created the Intelligence network that won freedom from British rule.

The Mindful Our Father

Casey, Thomas G (SJ)
Once we translate the spiritual wisdom of the Lord's Prayer into the personal language of our experience, we shall be led to a unique encounter with the God who yearns for us more than we could ever yearn for him.

Talking down the clock: and other poems

Cashman, Seamus

From Rake to Radical: The Remarkable Life of an Irish Emancipator

Chambers, Anne
From Ireland, England, France, Austria, Greece, Turkey and Italy to America and the West Indies, overflowing with historic events, from the French Revolution to the Great Irish Famine, with a cast of the famous and infamous, Howe Peter Browne, 2nd Marquess of Sligo, lived life to the absolute limits.