New Irish Non-Fiction Irish Non Fiction Published In February 2022

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Killarney National Park


Northern Ireland Yearbook 2022

The Northern Ireland Yearbook is the most comprehensive reference guide to the government and political life of Northern Ireland. Published by agendaNi it is an invaluable source of information to any organisation in Northern Ireland.

Ireland's Whiskey Guide

Amber, Kate
2019 Publication. Ireland’s Whiskey Guide is a new guide to the Whiskey Distilleries of Ireland. This Whiskey Book is a part travel guide, and part historical insight. This comprehensive Travel and Whiskey guide provides lively facts and anecdotes about the history of Irish Whiskey for beginners, as well as some quirky facts about the island of Ireland – as seen through the eyes of the author.

Hands-On Paper 1 - Leaving Certificate English Higher Level

Andrew Mayne
The essential comprehending and composing toolkit.

Why I No Longer Write Poems

Anphimiadi, Diana
Diana Anphimiadi is one of the most widely revered Georgian poets of her generation. Her boldly inventive work reflects an exceptionally curious mind and glides between classical allusions and surreal imagery. She revivifies ancient myths and tests the reality of our senses against the limits of sense. Georgian-English dual language edition.

How to Gut a Fish

Armstrong, Sheila
'Dark, devilishly well written and full of atmosphere, How to Gut a Fish is one of the most original and affecting short story collections I've read in years' Jan Carson, author of The Fire Starters

Forgotten Evidence On The Sack Of Balbriggan

Arnold, Aidan
As presented by John Derham in 1920 to the American Commision on Conditions in Ireland. Illustrated with period photographs of the area throughout.

Towton 1461: The Anatomy of a Battle

Boardman, Andrew
The definitive account of this medieval battle

The Ultimate 500-Question Politics and History Quiz: 2021

Bourke, Tim
In the dark days of Covid time, confined to quarters in lockdown, the authors, William Scally and Tim Bourke retained their sanity by engaging in what proved to be an all-engrossing contest: devising a complex and broad-reaching series of questions that would brighten the pandemic days. This book is the final result of this exchange.

City and County Management in Ireland 1929-2020

Boyle, Richard
Local authorities play a major role in Irish life. The introduction of the management system in 1929 represented a new and innovative approach to how local authorities were run. In City and County Management in Ireland, 1929-2020, contributions by renowned academics and practitioners describe the origins and development of the management system and its role in local and national development.

Ar Thóir gach Ní - Julie Breathnach-Banwait

Breathnach-Banwait, Julie
Cnuasach Filíochta le Julie Breathnach-Banwait. A collection of poetry by Julie Breathnach-Banwait.