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Tiki: A Very Ruff Year

Azencot, David
In the midst of a quarantine, Fred buys Tiki, a puppy, to help bring a little joy to his family's life in isolation. What no one anticipated is that Tiki would turn their lives completely upside-down.

What Makes You Stronger: How to Thrive in the Face of Change and Uncertainty Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Bailey, Ann
Discover the skills you need to face change and uncertainty with confidenceā€”and grow even stronger!

Kiki Man Ray : Art, Love, and Rivalry in 1920s Paris

Braude, Mark
The story of Alice Prin, aka Kiki -- who captivated 1920s Paris -- and her tumultuous relationship with photographer Man Ray.

Everyone's a Critic

Bueno, Julia
Stories of how we learn to feel good enough, from psychotherapist and award-winning writer Julia Bueno.

How To Resist Amazon And Why (2nd Edition)

Caine, Danny
When a company's workers are literally dying on the job, and its business model relies on preying on local businesses and even their own companies, and its CEO is the richest person in the world while its workers make minimum wage with impossible quotas... wouldn't you want to resist?

Forgiveness: An Exploration

Cantacuzino, Marina
Forgiveness is a workhorse of a word. We forgive a forgotten birthday, a debt owed, a playground scuffle. But we're also expected to use the same word and sentiment to absolve violence, criminality, trauma.

CIA World Factbook 2022-2023

Central Intelligence Agency
The ultimate, comprehensive guide to official country data and statistics, from the world's most sophisticated intelligence-gathering organisation.

Future Stories : A user's guide to the future

Christian, David
A user's guide to the future : from the algorithms in DNA to why time is like a cocktail glass, interstellar migrations, transhumanism, the fate of the galaxy, and the last black holeEvery second of our lives - whether we're looking both ways before crossing the street, celebrating the birth of a baby, or moving to a new city - we must cope with an unknowable future. How do we do this? And how do we, like most living organisms, manage this impossible challenge quite well... at least most of the time?


Daisley, Bruce
'This is a truly refreshing, captivating and important book that shifted my perception on a topic I thought I knew! A must read.' Steven Bartlett, entrepreneur and host of 'The Diary of a CEO'

Henrietta Maria

de Lisle, Leanda
A myth-busting biography of Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I, which retells the dramatic story of the civil war from her perspective

Without Warning and Only Sometimes : Scenes from an Unpredictable Childhood

deWaal, Kit
From the award-winning author of MY NAME IS LEON comes a childhood memoir set to become a classic: stinging, warm-hearted, and true.

Look! We Have Come Through! : Living With D. H. Lawrence

Feigel, Lara
Lara Feigel listens to birds outside her window their circling, strident calls and thinks of D.H. Lawrence. It is the spring of 2020, and, as the pandemic takes hold, she locks down with her partner, her two children, and that most mercurial of writers.