New Irish Non-Fiction Irish Non Fiction Published In August 2022

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Blow-In : Living Off-Grid in West Cork

Callow, Fred
A fascinating account of a community that searched for a new way of living in West Cork, Ireland.

Vicereines of Ireland: Portraits of Forgotten Women

Campbell, Myles
By exploring previously unknown or rarely seen artworks by prominent Irish and British artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Vicereines of Ireland tells the untold story of the women who were the faces of the British administration in Ireland.

A State of Emergency: The Story of Ireland's Covid Crisis

Chambers, Richard
The incendiary untold story of Ireland's response to the most significant public health emergency of the past century, woven from a wealth of original research and dozens of interviews with ministers, politicians, public health experts, essential workers, and ordinary people on whom the crisis exacted a personal toll.

Taxation 1 CAP1 (Republic of Ireland) 2022-2023

Chartered Accountants Ireland

Beauty an Oileáin / Oileain - Music and Song of the Blasket Islands

Claddagh Records
The Blasket Islands have inspired artists throughout time and across mediums. Beauty an Oileáin is a book and compact disc that offers an enthralling voyage into the traditional music and song of former islanders and their descendants.

Ireland and the Crusades

Coleman, Edward
The crusades--a broad term encompassing a disparate series of military expeditions, with the avowed intent of preserving/expanding Christianity and the heterodoxy of the Roman Church--were a quintessential phenomenon of moral and religious life in medieval Europe. Traditionally, Ireland's connection with the crusades has been seen to be slight. In recent years, however, new research has begun to replace this view with a more nuanced picture. This is an interdisciplinary volume of essays from leading scholars working in this field, which re-examines Ireland's connection to the crusading movement in its many forms.

Spirit of Revolution: Ireland from Below, 1917-1923

Cunningham, John
In the spring of 1919, UK Prime Minister David Lloyd George wrote: 'The whole of Europe is filled with the spirit of revolution. There is a deep sense not only of discontent, but of anger and revolt, amongst the workmen against prewar conditions ... In some countries, like Germany and Russia, the unrest takes the form of open rebellion; in others ... it takes the shape of strikes and of a general disinclination to settle down to work.'

Darkness Between Stars

Deane, John F.
John F. Deane and James Harpur have devoted their lives to writing about the mysteries of existence and the divine. This selection of their poems displays how each poet has probed and described his journey in search of ultimate truth.

The Irish Parliament, 1613-89: The Evolution of a Colonial Institution

Dennehy, Coleman A.
This book is a study of the Irish parliament as an administrative and legal institution. It is particularly interested in how parliament dispatched the business put before it, how its various parts interacted and how this colonial institution engaged with other elements of the administrative machinery both inside and outside the kingdom. -- .

The Deep End: A Journey with the Sunday Gospels in the Year of Matthew

Doherty, Triona
The Deep End invites readers to come on a journey through the story of Matthew's Gospel, and follows on from the first book in this series which explored Luke. Through a series of reflections on the Sunday Gospels of Year A, it offers a fresh perspective for anyone who wants to explore how the Gospel is relevant for today.