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Winter Papers Volume 9 : 2023

Barry, Kevin (ED)
Vol 9 of Winter Papers Ireland’s annual arts anthology is published by Curlew Editions. It will offer fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, visual arts, along with craft interviews and in-conversation pieces on writing, film, theatre, photography and music.


Bregazzi, Paul

Architecture in Britain and Ireland, 1530-1830

Brindle, Steven
A major new history of architecture in Britain and Ireland that looks at buildings and their construction in detail while revealing the cultural, material, political, and economic contexts that made them

Dear Gay: Letters to The Gay Byrne Show - a handwritten history of Ireland

Byrne, Suzy
The story of a nation - as seen through the letters written to Gay Byrne.

To Abandon Wizardry

Caley, Matthew
Matthew Caley's seventh collection speeds through a world where it's harder and harder to tell what's 'real' and what's not. Its title relates to waning national myths and fakery: Harry Potter World as an alibi for the rest of Britain, because the rest of Britain is Harry Potter World, as well as Deep Fake, QAnon, fake news and official news.

The Deep End : A Memoir of Growing Up in 1940s Dublin

Callaghan, Marie Rose
The Deep End by novelist Mary Rose Callaghan tells of growing up in Dublin from the mid-1940s in a once well-off family fallen on hard times and forced at times to struggle with extreme poverty.

Family and Love Poems

Cashman, Joseph

Lord Mayo - Tibbott-ne-Long Bourke, Son of the Pirate Queen, 1567-1629

Chambers, Anne
Inheriting the maritime skills and political ingenuity of his mother, Grace O’Malley (Granuaile), Ireland’s famous ‘Pirate Queen’, the life of Theobald (Tibbott-ne-Long) Bourke is set against one of the most traumatic and convoluted periods of social, political and military turmoil and change in Ireland.

Windfall : Irish Nature Poems to Inspire and Connect

Clarke, Jane
The best of poetry inspired by Ireland's natural world, with stunning illustrations in full colour by leading Irish nature artist Jane Carkill

Finucane And Me : My Life With Marian

Clarke, John
Finucane is a love story crossing borders and decades: the story of two people who ‘made a pact for madness’.

Galway: Making a Capital of Culture

Collins, Patrick
This book offers a fresh perspective on contemporary place development, using the unique case of Galway, Ireland. It will be of interest to students and scholars of geography, sociology, planning cultural and Irish studies. While a specific case study, the story of Galway is an international one.

Reading Rites Books, Writing and Other Things that Matter

Conlon, Evelyn
In Reading Rites, Evelyn Conlon brings her wit and keen intelligence to the task of exploring her life, drawing on the events, people, books and concerns that have made her the writer she is. Part memoir, part manifesto, it is full of the sharp observation, restless questioning and hard-won wisdom that have made her one of Ireland's finest writers.