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Mosquito : The RAF's Legendary Wooden Wonder and its Most Extraordinary Mission

Built of lightweight wood, powered by two growling Rolls-Royce Merlin engines, impossibly aerodynamic, headspinningly fast and armed to the teeth, the de Havilland Mosquito was the war-winning wonder that should never have existed: the aircraft the RAF didn't think it wanted then couldn't do without.

"You Talkin' to Me?": The Definitive Guide to Iconic Movie Quotes

Abrams, Brian
This deep dive into hundreds of Hollywood's most iconic and beloved lines is a must-have for every film buff.

RHS Puzzles & Brain Teasers for Gardeners

Akeroyd, Simon
A follow-up to the highly successful RHS Gardener's Quiz & Puzzle Book (29,000 copies in print in the UK alone), this book is the perfect gift for gardeners of all stripes.

Mind Games

Alzheimer's Society
Boost your brain health and help reduce your risk of dementia

He/She/They: How We Talk About Gender and Why It Matters

Bailar, Schuyler

Arsene Who? : The Story of Wenger's 1998 Double

Baldi, Ryan
With unparalleled behind-the-scenes insights, Arsene Who? dives into Arsene Wenger's revolutionary management at Arsenal FC, which changed the face of English football.

Different Aspects : A Memoir

Ball, Michael
There is laughter, there is tears, there is sweat and some blood, there is even some Roger Moore, although, famously, not quite enough. And through it all the show goes on. Take your seats ladies and gentlemen, the lights are dimming, the performance is about to start.

The Wolf of Investing : My Playbook for Making a Fortune on Wall Street

Belfort, Jordan
From Jordan Belfort, author of The Way of the Wolf and subject of the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, comes his long-anticipated guide for mastering the stock market.

A Brief History of Intelligence

Bennett, Max
A Brief History of Brains bridges the gap between AI and neuroscience by telling the evolutionary story of how the brain came to be.

Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2023

Benson, Tim
Bringing much-needed humour to another chaotic year in politics, Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2023 offers a tour of the most high-profile, notorious and absurd news stories of the year, as seen through the eyes of our nation's finest satirists.

If We Burn : The Mass Protest Decade and the Missing Revolution

Bevins, Vincent
From 2010 to 2020, more people took part in protests than at any other point in human history. Why has success been so elusive?

The World's Biggest Cash Machine : Manchester United, the Glazers, and the Struggle for Football's Soul

Blackhurst, Chris
From Chris Blackhurst, the former Editor of the Independent, comes a gripping and tightly reported account of how the Glazers, owners of Manchester United, became the most maligned figures in the Premier League, and how they changed the beautiful game forever.