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Beijing Rules : China's Quest for Global Influence

Allen-Ebrahimian, Bethany
For several decades Chinese ascendancy has been supported by an astonishingly broad and deep portfolio of soft power. The stories are their reach are breath-taking - Chinese-sponsored reporting in the Daily Telegraph; the gagging of NBA and Premier League sports brands; state-funded faculties across Western academia; Hollywood self-censorship for the Chinese market; and of course - Huawei. But these are just the most visible examples.

The Master Builder : How the New Science of the Cell is Rewriting the Story of Life

Arias, Alfonso Martinez
A sweeping revision of both the present and history of life, The Master Builder puts forward a new paradigm for understanding biology, one rooted in cellular cooperation, not selfish genes. Engaging and ambitious, it will transform our understanding of where we come from, what shapes us, and where we are going, as individuals, a species, and the community of life itself.

What's in a Name? : Friendship, Identity and History in Modern Multicultural Britain

Banerjee, Sheela
Blending history, memoir and politics, What's in a Name? is a celebration of Britain's rich multiculturalism, an ode to friendship and a testament to all the stories held within our names.

The Diary of a CEO : The 33 Laws of Business and Life

Bartlett, Steven
The new book by STEVEN BARTLETT: entrepreneur, podcaster and Dragon's Den star. This is not a book about business strategy. Strategy changes like the seasons. This is a book about something much more permanent.

Mystery Cults in the Ancient World

Bowden, Hugh

Abroad in Japan

Broad, Chris
When Englishman Chris Broad landed in a rural village in northern Japan he wondered if he'd made a huge mistake. With no knowledge of the language and zero teaching experience, was he about to be the most quickly fired English teacher in Japan's history?

The CIA World Factbook 2023-2024

Central Intelligence Agency
The ultimate, comprehensive guide to official country data and statistics, from the world's most sophisticated intelligence-gathering organisation.

Rugby World Cup France 2023: The Official Book

Collings, Simon
The only officially licensed Rugby World Cup France 2023 guide available contains everything a fan needs to know, from team and player guides to stats, facts and a tournament progress chart.

Tales from Great Passenger Ships: A Jaunt Through Time

Curtis, Paul
A collection of stories from many of the best-known passenger ships and liners, that vividly showcase the romance and tragedy of life at sea


Darrieussecq, Marie
What is it like to live with chronic insomnia? In Sleepless, Marie Darrieussecq recounts her own experiences alongside those of fellow insomniacs, writers and artists including Virginia Woolf, Marguerite Duras and Franz Kafka.

Blockchain Radicals: How Capitalism Ruined Crypto and How to Fix It

Davila, Joshua
Blockchain Radicals uncovers the radical political potential of the blockchain, showing how it can be used by the left in the fight against capitalism.