New Irish Fiction Irish Fiction Published In June 2022

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The Nurse

Allan, Claire
'Wow! This book kept me on the edge of my seat and every time I thought I knew what was going to happen there was another fabulous twist. I loved it.' Reader review 'Well! I HORSED through The Nurse, pure HORSED! Tense, pacey, unpudownable.' - MARIAN KEYES

Yell, Sam, If You Still Can: Le Tiers Temps

Besserie, Maylis
This novel by Maylis Besserie, the first of her Irish trilogy, shows us Samuel Beckett at the end of his life in 1989, living in Le Tiers-Temps retirement home. It is as if Beckett has come to live in one of his own stage productions, peopled with strange, unhinged individuals, waiting for the end of days.

The Saint of Lost Things

Delaney, Tish
'This is in many ways a familiar story but it is told in such a fresh, entertaining, funny and moving way, it felt like I was reading something brand new' Roddy Doyle on Before My Actual Heart Breaks

The Apparitions

Devlin, Anne
These stories are quirky and lovely, shining with moments of glad grace. There is nothing quite like them in contemporary Irish fiction. Anne Devlin has her own original, arresting way of looking at the world, and of writing. Funky, sparkling, wise and wonderful. This is a gem of a collection - Eilis Ni Dhuibhne

Writing Man

Flannery, Frances
Tobias Pilferhoff looks, dresses, and acts the part of the quintessential writer. There is only one small problem; despite his posturing, he has by the age of thirty still not yet produced his awaited great novel.

Polluted Sex

Foley, Lauren
Lauren Foley's debut collection of dramatic short stories, Polluted Sex, is fearless in its depiction of women's bodies and sexuality, offering an unflinching window into Irish girl and womanhood.

Pawns of The Prophet (Kiranis Book 2)

Geobey, Ronald A.
The Kwaios Are Here A century has passed since the Cage event. The Shield around Earth is complete, and its architects are here. Guided by Naveen, one man is in the centre of a scheme that will shift the balance of power forever. But the great transport system called MEC is a lie, and the Kwaios have waited a hundred years.

Dinner Party

Gilmartin, Sarah
An exhilarating and heart-rending novel about family, and all the ways we try - and fail - to escape them.

The Year of Lost and Found

Hayes-McCoy, Felicity
The charming latest Finfarran novel set in the beautiful west coast of Ireland.

The Con Artists

Healy, Luke
Dublin artist / author. Frank only wanted three things this year- to perform stand-up comedy, go to therapy, and to keep his house plants alive. Then Giorgio got hit by a bus. As Frank moves in with Giorgio to help him recover, he begins to suspect that the perfect life Giorgio has been sharing online may be nothing more than a web of lies and scams.

The Cambridge Centenary Ulysses: The 1922 Text with Essays and Notes

Joyce, James
This book offers accessible support and lively discussions of Joyce's novel to curious general readers as well as students. Its eighteen essays by leading Joyce scholars on the eighteen chapters of the book are also of interest to scholars.