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Something Lost, Something Gained : Reflections on Life, Love and Liberty

Clinton, Hillary Rodham
What would it be like to sit down for an impassioned, entertaining conversation with Hillary Clinton? In Something Lost, Something Gained, Hillary offers her candid views on life and love, politics, liberty, democracy, the threats we face, and the future within our reach.

Never Understood : The Jesus and Mary Chain

Reid, Jim & William

Hiroshima : The Last Witnesses

Sheftall , M.G.
The stories of hibakusha - Japanese for atomic bomb survivors - lie at the heart of this compelling minute-by-minute account of 6 August 1945 - the day the world changed forever as the Enola Gay dropped its payload over Hiroshima, ushering in the nuclear age.

One Love, One Life: Stories from the Stars

Sloan, Billy
WHEN legendary music journalist Billy Sloan was fifteen years old he saw The Who play an incendiary live show at Green's Playhouse in Glasgow.