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The Everything Blueprint : The Microchip Design that Conquered the World

Ashton, James
The Everything Blueprint describes the titanic power struggle for control of the microchip - told through the story of a British start up that has found itself in the middle. The book alternates between telling the rise of the Arm and the battle for the microchip to reveal just how important this company is

Image Bearers: Getting back to what we were made to be

Atkinson, Rachel
Theological and practical insights into spiritual growth as a Christian.

Ragged Edge : The brutal true story of the Isle of Man TT - the world's most dangerous race

Barker, Stuart
In Ragged Edge, Stuart Barker will write the definitive story of this unique event, from the tarmac up. The history, the atmosphere, the heroes, tragedies and legends. And most importantly: our fascination with this seductive yet perilous test of skill and daring. This is the unvarnished, raw truth behind the world's most dangerous sporting event - in the words of those who ride it.

The Rooster House : A Ukrainian Family Memoir

Belim, Victoria
Inspired by the author's love for her family, and peopled by warm, larger-than-life characters who jostle alongside the ghostly absences of others, The Rooster House is at once a riveting journey into the complex history of a wounded country and a profoundly moving tribute to hope and the refusal of despair


Bilger, Burkhard
A New Yorker staff writer, investigates his grandfather, a Nazi Party Chief, in this "unflinching, gorgeously written, and deeply moving exploration of morality, family, and war" (Patrick Radden Keefe, author of Empire of Pain)

The Human Mind : A Brief Tour of Everything We Know

Bloom, Paul
Are you a human? Do you have a mind? Then this book is for you.

Fans : A Journey Into the Psychology of Belonging

Bond, Michael
Fans takes the reader on a journey through a constellation of fandoms, and along the way demonstrates some fundamental truths about the human condition.

Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I : The Mother and Daughter Who Changed History

Borman, Tracey
Piecing together evidence from original documents and artefacts, this book tells the story of Anne Boleyn's relationship with, and influence over her daughter Elizabeth. In so doing, it sheds new light on two of the most famous and influential women in history.

But What Can I Do? : Why Politics Has Gone So Wrong, and How You Can Help Fix It

Campbell, Alastair
'Your country needs you. Your world needs you. Your time is now.' Our politics is a mess. We have leaders who can't or shouldn't be allowed to lead. We endure governments that lie, and seek to undermine our democratic values. And we are confronted with policies that serve the interests of the privileged few.

Will You Read This, Please?

Cannon, Joanna
'Some people who deal with mental illness have the opportunity and ability to write about it, but many do not - and it was those people, those unread stories, I wanted to find' JOANNA CANNON

Messalina : A Story of Empire, Slander and Adultery

Cargill-Martin, Honor
This is the story of Messalina third wife of Emperor Claudius and one of the most notorious women to have inhabited the Roman world.

A Renaissance of Our Own : A Memoir and Manifesto on Reimagining

Cargle, Rachel
A deeply personal, thoroughly researched and unflinching examination of feminism through the lens of race calling for a new understanding of our relationships with ourselves and one another--from a leading public academic, writer, lecturer, and activist.