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The Anxiety Antidote: How awareness and action can lead to self-control and inner peace

Bedi, Kamran
A practical guide to emotional resilience in modern life, managing anxiety and finding confidence, by a popular Nero-Linguistic Programmer, Pilates teacher and Transformational Life Coach.

Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost

Bender, Michael
Michael C. Bender, senior White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal, presents a deeply reported account of the 2020 presidential campaign that details how Donald J. Trump became the first incumbent in three decades to lose reelection-and the only one whose defeat culminated in a violent insurrection.

Like, Comment, Subscribe : How YouTube Drives Google's Dominance and Controls Our Culture

Bergen, Mark
Since 2005, YouTube has exploded, giving a platform to unique and valuable voices, but also to propaganda, misinformation and illicit videos.

Fragile Cargo

Brookes, Adam
The gripping true story of the intrepid curators who saved China's finest art from the ravages of the Sino-Japanese War and World War II

Animal House

Brown, James
Music, Magazines & MayhemBetween 1994 and 1997, James Brown's loaded magazine became the must-buy and must-be-in publication of the decade.

Another Year of Wonder: Classical Music for Every Day

Burton-Hill, Clemency
Another Year of Wonder is a carefully curated collection of classical music offering one piece to listen to every day of the year.

Who I Am

Chisolm, Mellanie
For the first time ever, Melanie C, aka Sporty Spice, tells her amazing life story in her own words and gives a full and honest account of what life was really like in The Spice Girls. I never told my story before because I wasn't ready. Now, finally, I am.

TEN : The decade that changed my future

Clark, Rylan
This is Rylan as you've never seen him before - an intimate, fascinating and joyful insight into an extraordinary ten years on the telly and in our hearts.

Diddly Squat: 'Til The Cows Come Home

Clarkson, Jeremy

Mother Brain

Conaboy, Chelsea
Conaboy delves into the neuroscience to reveal unexpected upsides, generations of scientific neglect and a powerful new narrative of parenthood.

Live Life in Crescendo: Your Most Important Work is Always Ahead of You

Covey, Stephen R.
The inspirational last book from the legendary Stephen R. Covey, internationally bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Devil Dogs: First In, Last Out – King Company From Guadalcanal To The Shores Of Japan

David, Saul
From Sunday Times bestselling historian Saul David, the dramatic tale of the first American troops to take the fight to the enemy in the Second World War, and also the last.