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The New India : The Unmaking of the World's Largest Democracy

Bhatia, Rahul
This is a book of narrative reportage six years in the making. It describes how ideology and technological ambition have reshaped India's nascent democracy and follows a diverse cast of people as they navigate questions of identity and belonging.

The Secret Life of the Universe : An Astrobiologist's Search for the Origins and Frontiers of Life

Cabrol, Nathalie A.
Over the last few decades, space exploration has revolutionised our understanding of our place in the cosmos. We now know that there are many habitable environments within our solar system. Yet a profound question remains: are we alone in the universe?

Hotel Lux : An Intimate History of Communism's Forgotten Radicals

Casey, Maurice J.
Hotel Lux follows Irish radical May O'Callaghan and her friends, three revolutionary families brought together by their vision for a communist future and their time spent in the Comintern's Moscow living quarters, the Hotel Lux.

Kids Thrive at Every Size: A Whole-Child, No-Worry Guide to Your Child's Health and Well-Being

Castle, Jill
For every parent who's worried about their child's weight or size, Kids Thrive at Every Size offers an approach to health that focuses on the whole child-not just the growth chart.

Who Killed Una Lynskey? : A True Story of Murder, Vigilante Justice and the Garda ‘Heavy Gang’

Clifford, Mick
A true story of murder and vengeance, a shattered community and a miscarriage of justice that echoes down the decades

Our Future is Biotech : A Plain English Guide to How a Tech Revolution is Changing Our Lives and Our Health for the Better

Craig, Andrew
Welcome to the biotech revolution. In the last century, technology has transformed the human experience across the world. This has been super-charged by the arrival of the internet, smart phones, AI and machine learning, and created trillion-plus dollar companies and household names like Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Our Future is Biotech explains why biotech is next: because our biggest remaining challenges as a species concern biological systems.

An Angel At My Table: The Complete Autobiography

Frame, Janet
The acclaimed autobiography of New Zealand's most revered writer. Introduced by Jane Campion, who made An Angel at My Table into an award-winning film.

Think Differently About Learning: A Homeschool Where Children and Parents Thrive

Goerss, Maren
This resource for new or struggling homeschooling parents will teach you how to let go of what you think homeschool should look like and confidently enter a simpler, more enjoyable, and sustainable homeschooling relationship with your child that brings out their natural learner.

Circle of Hope : A radical mission; a riveting crisis; the future of faith

Griswold, Eliza
The Pulitzer Prize winner's extraordinary portrait of one religious community - and what it means for us all

The Art of Not Eating : A Doubtful History of Appetite and Desire

Hamel-Akre, Jessica
Blending history and memoir, The Art of Not Eating will change the way we look at appetite, desire, rationality and oppression, and show how it all got tangled up with what we eat.

The Case for Trump

Hanson, Victor D
A New York Times bestseller and "a brilliant and bracing analysis" (Mark R. Levin) of Donald Trump, his presidency, and his vision of America's future-now updated for 2024