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The Transcendent

Afifi, Nadia
After a fateful confrontation with her former ally, Amira Valdez is on the run, pregnant with her own clone and desperate. All her hopes lie with finding Nova, the first human clone, to solve the greatest riddle in human history - how to preserve human consciousness after death.


Appiah, Krystle Zara
A poignant, heart-breaking debut about a British-Ghanaian marriage in crisis, Rootless is a story of friendship, family, societal obligation and motherhood. But above all, it's a story of love.

The Dead Don't Speak

Askew, Claire
The brilliant new novel from award-winning writer and rising star Claire Askew.

The Midnight News

Baker, Jo
Riveting and deeply moving, The Midnight News is a tour de force from Sunday Times bestselling author Jo Baker - a breathtaking story of friendship, love and war.

Force of Hate

Bartlett, Graham
When a night-time firebomb attack at a Brighton travellers' site kills women and children, Chief Superintendent Jo Howe has strong reason to believe the new, dubiously elected, neo-nazi council leader is behind the murders.

The Writing Retreat

Bartz, Julia
The dark, atmospheric, feminist offspring of Squid Game, The Hunting Party and Misery. A book deal to die for.

I'll Do Anything You Want

Batalle, Iolanda
After 25 years of marriage and a life that seemed perfect, an accidental love affair will unexpectedly push Nora into a universe of abuse and luxury prostitution.

Spilt Milk

Beashel, Amy
What if you said the worst thing a mother could say? What if your husband found out about it in the national press? And what if after all that, you didn't regret it...?

Avatar: Adapt Or Die

Bechko, Corinna
Years into the advent of the Avatar program on Pandora, pressure to bridge the divide between human and Navi has hit a peak. Dr. Grace Augustine realizes the best way to ease tensions is to learn from one another - sharing knowledge and gaining a mutual understanding of each other's ways of living.

Marvel Platinum: The Definitive Miles Morales: Spider-man

Bendis, Brian Michael

The Anniversary

Bishop, Stephanie
Novelist J.B. Blackwood is on a cruise with her husband, Patrick, to celebrate their wedding anniversary...

Mr. & Mrs. Witch

Bond, Gwenda