New Irish Non-Fiction Irish Non Fiction Published In March 2023

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Bored of Lunch: The Healthy Air Fryer Book

Anthony, Nathan

Wild Isles

Barkham, Patrick
This beautifully illustrated overview of the wildlife of the British Isles showcases the diversity of our plant and animal life.

Medea's Cauldron

Brennan, Deirdre

Jen's Journey: How I changed my life, meal by meal, and you can too

Carroll, Jennifer
Instagram slimming sensation Jennifer Carroll shares her remarkable personal story as well as the recipes and habits that have led to her 12-stone weight loss.

Gone Self Storm

Clifton, Harry
Irish poet Harry Clifton's latest collection ranges from South America to the North of Ireland, from Khao I Dang refugee camp to Glasnevin cemetery, These are poems of origin and migration, in quest of a lost maternal ground.

Through the Streets Broad and Narrow

Collinge, Declan
Captures the spirit and culture of the city of Dublin, in literature, song, character and place.

The Jackie Daly Collection - Original Irish Tunes

Cranitch, Matt (ED)
This book includes 226 new tunes, ranging across the may different tune types within Irish music, including jigs, reels, polkas, slides, hornpipes, waltzes and planxties. All tunes are written in a traditional style and are suitable for playing on various different melody instruments. In addition to this impressive collection of tunes, there is also a somewhat autobiographical song, that Jackie wrote when he was presented with the Kanturk Arts Festival Award in 2009. A treasure trove of tunes, this wonderful collection is a must have for all musicians.

Law and the idea of liberty in Ireland from Magna Carta to the present (Irish Legal History Society)

Crooks, Peter
Magna Carta is among the most famous documents in the history of the world, credited with being the first effective check in writing on arbitrary, oppressive, and unjust rule--in a word, on tyranny. The fame of Magna Carta spread as England, and later Britain, came to girdle the globe in its power.

The Colour of Ireland: County by County 1860-1960

Cross, Rob
The Colour of Ireland: County by County 1860-1960 is a photographic celebration of the history, culture, people and places that make up a century of life in Ireland.

Soccer and Society in Dublin: A History of Association Football in Ireland's Capital

Curran, Conor
This book is the first full-length assessment of the history of soccer in Dublin and the game’s role within society in the city. It examines the sport's growth there from the late 1800s to the early twenty-first century.

Wexford : A Town of Heritage

Dargan, Pat