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Kevin's In a Mood

Bowie, Sarah
Suzy and Kevin are best friends. They do everything together! Until one day, Kevin's in a Mood. Suzy tries everything to cheer him up - she tells him jokes and even plays his favourite song. But Kevin's STILL in a Mood. All their friends try to help, but nothing seems to make Kevin feel better ... what could be wrong?

The Sleep Scan - A mindful moments book

Breslin, Niall
Niall Breslin's latest Mindful Moments picture book, now in paperback, brings calm to bedtime by teaching children a body scan meditation technique for an easy countdown to sleep.

Finding Dave

Callaghan, Helena
A Dog Tale. The story of Dave, a dog who escapes from Kennels to try to get home to his family. For Children who love stories about animals!

A -Z Positive Mindset: For Children

Callaghan, Helena
This colorful 26 page children's picture book encourages a growth mindset in young children. This book is a fantastic add-on to a child's day!

Freya Harte is Not a Puzzle

Collins, Meabh
A heartwarming novel about friendships, relationships and finding your place in the world, Freya Harte is not a Puzzle follows the experiences of an autistic girl as she learns to embrace who she is.

The Bee Bops

Collins-Rigney, Hannah
Through rhythm and rhyme The Bee Bops tells the short tale of two bee friends who work together as Earth Engineers to look after our wonderful planet. The Bee Bops waggle to the beat, spreading the word of love and self-belief.

Our National Anthem

Cooper, Rachel J.
It has become well known in Irish popular culture that many of us don't know our national anthem 'Amhrán na bhFiann'. The new book 'Our National Anthem' is a keepsake children's book that aims to change this through stories, pictures and the phonetic and Irish translations.

Mr Wolf Goes to the Ball

Feeney, Tatyana
Mr Wolf is SO EXCITED to be invited to the ball. What should he wear? He thinks he's got the perfect outfit, but he's not sure ... Can his friend help him to decide?

Milly McCarthy is a Complete Catastrophy

Forde, Leona
Milly McCarthy is a 10-year-old girl from Cork - and everything she touches turns to catastrophe! Milly's class has won a private tour of Fota Wildlife Park! Sure what could possibly go wrong?

The Friendship Fairies Go to Sea

Kennedy, Lucy
The latest book in the bestselling Friendship Fairies series - now in paperback!

Róisín’s Journey - Mindfulness

Kennedy, Trish B.
Róisín's Journey is a book for children in all eras and adults with intellectual disabilities. Róisín has social anxiety and finds it hard to make friends. She wishes she was more like her brother Michael who has many friends. She at times feels sad & lonely. She spends alot of time reading & in her room. Róisín finds it hard to express herself sometimes and can get frustrated & upset. She is visited by a special friend called "Annabel". She is brought on a magical journey. Can Annabel help Róisín cope with her anxiety, loneliness and sadness?

Skulduggery Pleasant Prequel — Hell Breaks Loose

Landy, Derek
Discover the world of Skulduggery Pleasant in this prequel to the bestselling series. So many enemies, so little time . . .