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Eva's Gift

Walsh, A.L.
This is the story of two individuals, Chris Nielson and Jane Murphy, who are in full mid-life crisis. Now, both in their forties, they realise they must grab life before it's too late.

The Christmas Parcel

Walshe, Noreen
A memoir in words and images of childhood at Christmas in Limerick in the late 50's: distillations of bonds, moments and sequences of minor events and the magic in the little things.

DECEMBER RISING: A Bangladesh War Story

Ward, Sean C
It is December 1971, and The Bangladesh War of Liberation is in the middle of the critical final battles. While being subjected to all the traumas of war, Doctor Meena struggles against the forces that threaten to undermine her commitment to the people she serves, as the full force of an army is unleashed against her and her community.

My Pal A-Pal

Ward, Shauna
My Pal A-pal is the story of a young boy called Michael. Michael feels bad about himself most of the time. Nobody knows that he feels this way, not even his best friend Ben...


Wordsmiths Tullamore
A miscellany of prose, poetry and memories. Most of the titles will have been drawn from writing prompts given and selected in Creative Writing Class and group presentation.