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My True North

O'Mordha, Marie Anne
2019 Publication. This is the story of Tomas O'Mordha, an Irishman born in the Thatch Cottages overlooking Dundalk Bay, on the eve of Ireland becoming a Republic. It is the story of his journey in Ireland and in the Irish Diapora, having worked in 4 continents; Europe, America, Asia and Australia where he met his wife Marie Anne, the author of this book.

Polly And Friends

Pavey, Gill

TILL: Farming Stories from the Plains of Meath

Potterton, Gerald
Gerald Potterton has been writing a fortnightly column for the Irish Farmers Journal for around twenty years. This book is a selection of the best of Potterton's pieces over the years, many of which you may recall and delight in reading again.

The Croppy Boy

Quaile, Declan
2019 Publication. Historical Fiction Story based in Ireland 1798.

The Exiled: A Sequel To The Croppy Boy

Quaile, Declan G
1798 - The rebellion in Ireland has been crushed.

Secular Humanism: Skepticism and Reason

Rees, Bob
Secular Humanism offers an easy introduction for newcomers to humanism. It explains what humanism is, how it works, and where it came from. It describes what it is to be a sceptical humanist, and it discusses some of the moral dilemmas facing us as humanists in the 21st century.


Ryan, Ann Catherine
Meet Rosie O'Hara, at the young age of thirteen Rosie was sent to work in Morefeld miles away from home by her cold hearted mother Cora. Lonely and afraid she began having terrifying nightmares which seemed to hold a dire warning...

From Afghanistan to Ireland: The Memoirs of Nasruddin Saljuqi

Saljuqi, Nasruddin
From Afghanistan to Ireland: The Memoirs of Nasruddin Saljuqi

Star Strangled Banner

Sheradon, A. A.
From the most traditional of poetry to all other forms of the genre, the author strives to cover a wide range of style and subject matter.

My Town

Staudt, Jamie
'My Town' is an illustrated children's book about the town of Drogheda, Ireland. Featuring local monuments and landmarks, have fun spotting areas you may recognise and see the town in a fun new light! Beautifully illustrated by Will Guppy.

Making a Difference

Trant, Una
Una Trant, a retired Secondary teacher, was born and brought up in County Mayo. She now lives in Dublin. This is a collection of stories, stories of fact, fiction and autofiction.