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Crossing Lines

Mc Gowan, Ann
Ciara found herself alone rattling around in her large home. Her husband died years before and her children had flown the nest. She thought she was alone but then, Ben, a very friendly ghost, appeared. His impact on her life was amazing as was that on the lives of her friends.

Looking For Lough Ine

McCarthy, Kieran
There is a legend among the animals... Long ago, a great tiger, known as Arznel, led an uprising against the humans, in a bid to save the world from destruction. But Arznel was defeated, captured and never seen again. Hope remains, that one day he will be free, and the great revolution can begin anew. But where is Arznel? And who can rescue him?

How to Trap a Starfish

McLoughlin Dwyer, MarieAnn
How to trap a Starfish is the story of Jack Mills, a boy born into the economic instability of Emergency Ireland in the 1930's. He comes of age in the 1950's and is one of the 500,000 people who leave Ireland's shores between 1945 and 1960, during a large-scale movement of Irish emigrants.

A Woman's Place is in the Cabinet: Women Ministers in Irish Governments 1919 - 2019

McNamara, Maedhbh
Women Ministers in Irish Governments 1919 - 2019. Between 1919 and 2019, just 10 per cent of those who have held senior ministerial positions in that 100 years have been women, totalling 19 women politicians.

Blinded in the Dark Searching for the Light: Our Call to Awakening. A True Story Based on Real Life Events

Mitchell, Damian
A True Story based on Real Life Events..

New Vistas in Spirituality & Science: How New Scientific Information Has Enriched Spirituality

Moane, Gerry
Written by an Irish Catholic, this book 'is first and last about spirituality.' Though dealing with complex topics it is written in a clear and concise manner and is lightened by humour and stories throughout. References are provided as guidelines for those who wish to delve deeper and do further research on the issues covered.

Grace Saved a Wretch Like Me

Murphy, Arylene
2020 Pubication , new listing. This is a story of HOPE. It is my personal experience of Childhood Sexual Abuse and its impact on me from childhood through to adulthood. It details how I used alcohol and drugs as a means of coping with the long-lasting harm of abuse and its impact on my life.

Lucky Lucy Logan

Neoh, Beng Ling
Lucy Logan has a hearing loss. Miss Nolan struggles with new things. So when Lucy gets some new technology to help her hear better in class, all sorts of things go wrong! Eventually there's a happy ending for everybody, but not in the way you might expect...

Benedict, Baltimore and the Barbary Pirates

Noonan, Patrick
What do Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Paris-Dakar Rally, an 'Islamic' raid on an obscure Irish fishing village, and the less known St Benedict the Black have in common? Answer: slavery.


O'Connell, Pam
When Molly is given homework to paint her favourite thing, she does it in a most unusual way...

A Woman's Conversation with Life

O'Mordha, Marie Anne
Autobiography & Diary from the 1960s. A Child of the 60s. A Woman's Quest to live in a Man's World. 70s & 80s decades of Trailblazer Queens and beyond...

The Size of a Stamp: Art Collection

The Size of a Stamp Art Collection by Marie Anne O'Mordha: A collection of stories and anecdotes with her own illustrations. This book is for everyone in a stressful world, in need of delightful escape. All aboard!! The hovering Star-Ship is waiting for you... Thank you!