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The Wolfe Tones Phenomenon

Fell, Alex
This book is an attempt to place the Wolfe Tones, arguably Ireland's most popular and internationally successful folk and ballad band, in its political and social context.

Painted Butterflies, Memories of a Missionary

Fox, Christopher
Fr. Christopher Fox comes from the parish of Ballymore/Boher in Co. Westmeath. He is a member of St.Joseph's Society for Foreign Missions. He was ordained in 1955 and his varied priestly ministry took him to many countries. Some of the episodes in his life are of absorbing interest and he recalls them with the light touch of a good story teller.

The Miracle of the Universe: Where do I stand...?

Fox, Christopher, Fr
Reflections by Fr Christopher Fox, M.H.M.

A Year in the Mind

Gaffney, Paul

September Song

Hickey, Gerry
2020 Publication In 1963 during the final months of the Kennedy administration, an unidentified woman is murdered on a crowded Cape Cod beach. The repercussions of the mysterious woman's death reach all the way to the heart of the US Government, threatening to destroy the reputation of the President and American prestige.

Hello Hinterland: A Collection Of Illustrated Stories And Poetry Celebrating The Culture And Heritage Of Fingal County On The East Coast Of Ireland.

Holohan, Martin
A collection of illustrated Stories and Poetry, Rhymes, Observations and Folk Tales celebrating the connections between culture and heritage in the wide and embracing landscape of Fingal County on the East Coast of Ireland.

DHEAI's MISSING LINK: Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy

Ilsaaid, Dheai
This book gives knowledge of Yin & Yang and Qi and seeks to put them into a Western perspective. It is particularly strong in explaining how emotions play such a major part in our lives and health. It gives an insight as to how the body manifests the trials and tribulations of the mind.

Forever Family Friends

Ketterer, Dorothy
Forever Family Friends outlines the lives and interactions between three families from different religious backgrounds. They are deeply involved in village life in rural Co. Wicklow through their joys, sorrows, secrets and lies beneath their strong bonds of friendship.

Only in Ireland: Weird and wonderful encounters on Dublin's buses

Ketterer, Dorothy
Weird and Wonderful encounters on Dublin's buses...

Son of Outsider: A journey from Drimnagh to Ailesbury Road, through Family, Guinness (Dublin), Films, Chronic Pain and Industrial Relations.

Lawlor, Mike
A journey from Drimnagh to Ailesbury Road, through Family, Guinness (Dublin), Films, Chronic Pain and Industrial Relations.

Inside the Castle: Senior Civil Servants of the Final Dublin Administration: 1920-1922

Lowry O'Reilly, Johanna
The final Dublin Castle administration of 1920-1922 was formed by two cohorts, one Irish, one British. This book primarily focusses on the civil servants within those groups; their formative educational experiences influenced by legislation and provision and their early lives and careers.