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Day At The Races

Armstrong, Keith
Mike Ireland was a happily married man totally devoted to his wife and daughters. His family is devasted when one of his daughters develops a life threatening disease. Her only chance of survival is a life saving operation in America by way of a transplant. He embarks on a mission to produce counterfeit GBP50 notes to pay for the operation...

NATUROPATHIC CANCER CARE: A safe and effective approach to healing from Cancer

Byrne, John
When faced with cancer, timely and educated healthcare interventions are crucial to recovery. Put the odds in your favour with the help of this practical CANCER ACTION PLAN. "Don't let a cancer diagnosis fill you with feelings of fear, panic, and helplessness. Take back your power with Naturopathic Cancer Care."

The Monarch of Watson's Glen

Byrne, Nicholas
...Sammy Richards left home and a thriving business his parents promised him in order to see a bit of the world. Little did he know that when he returns both parents would be dead and the business taken over by a complete stranger...

...the Irish Job...

C. Golden, Frank
Lloyd George feared that Ireland might secede from the Empire. In his view, the Irish Job was to prevent this happening, and it must be carried out by a police force. Should the British Army become involved, all would be lost for Britain in Ireland.

Frontier Town An Illustrated Histor

Canavan, Tony

Women Drive Tractors Too: 18 True Stories of Irish Women in Agriculture

Carroll, Mary
Presents a collection of biographic stories of women in agriculture, suited to a rural and female audience. This book is a legacy from the IFA Equality Project, but more importantly it allows these 18 remarkable women to each tell her own story and share the trial and tribulations of living and working in rural Ireland, in 2005.


Coady, Darragh
Set against the backdrop of a small town collapsing under a global recession, Temperance explores the lonely and often comedic experiences of a man besotted with one woman while hopelessly in love with another.

There's No Place Like Home

Coffey, Martin
2020 Publication. Raising a large family in the 1940's and up through the1960's in Dublin provided many challenges for my parents. They struggled to keep their heads above the poverty line. My father worked all the hours he could get, no matter and my mother was forever at the helm, guiding and directing her ever growing family of seven girls and eight boys.

Be My Friend

Corcoran, Michael
Stories and tales about growing up in Carrowbrowne Village in Galway, Ireland. To the author it was like most places in the world but they were different times back then in the 1950's - 1960's.

The Irish Klondike: Modern Ireland, Migration, Media A 'deplorable' perspective

Cosgrove, Frank
2020 Publication. The societal transformation that has been wrought in Ireland over the last twenty-five years has been nothing less than epic in scale. Not since the Great Famine of the 1840's has such a change been witnessed.

No Ordinary Life

Cromwell, Sara-Jane
No Ordinary Life is a book that will make you cry, then laugh, then cry and laugh again. Sara-Jane's story is truly remarkable in so many ways due in no small part to the abuses she endured and the multiple challenges she has had to overcome; making her life and achievements all the more astounding.

A Pen In Your Pocket and a Watch On Your Arm

Curley, Frank
This book is a memoir about my Dad. It gives an insight into his life as a small-hold farmer through the Irish Civil War up to the 1970's. It delves into the wonderful, yet painful sacrifice Dad made to enable me to enhance my life's prospects. The story should raise personal and emotional family memories for the reader.