History for Children

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Horrible Science: Body Owner's Han

Arnold, Nick
In this guide you'll discover a range of body bits and fantastic features you didn't even know you had, including an auto-repair function, a built-in cooling system, top-of-the-range sensory equipment, and waste disposal.

A World of Discovery

Brown, James

Little Library 1 - Granuaile Rebel Girl

Burke, John
Learn about Ireland’s original rebel girl in this exciting new series of inspirational Irish lives In an exciting new series of books for children, John and Fatti Burke go deeper into the lives and subjects first introduced in Irelandopedia, Historopedia and Foclóiropedia.

Little Library 3 - Constance Markievicz

Burke, John
The third book in the Little Library series. When your collection is complete, you'll have a little library - and big knowledge!

Little Library 2 - Brian Boru: Warrior King

Burke, John
Learn about the life and times of Brian Boru in the second book in John & Fatti Burke's Little Library.

Little Library 4 - Tom Crean The Brave Explorer

Burke, John
A picture book that introduces children to Antarctic explorer Tom Crean, a key member of Captain Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton's most famous expeditions - the fourth book in the Little Library series.

Little Library 5 - Mary Robinson: A Voice for Fairness

Burke, John
The fifth book in Gill Books' Little Library picture book series tells the story of Ireland's first female president Mary Robinson.

Donegal Tales : Stories from the Western Hills of Ireland

Casserley, Anne Thomasine

Timelines of World History

Chisholm, Jane
A gorgeously illustrated guide to the history of the world, from wars and revolutions to ground-breaking inventions, discoveries and artistic movements. With over 3,500 key dates from the Stone Age to the year 2000, organised geographically so readers can compare what was happening in different parts of the world.

Who Were the Vikings?

Chisholm, Jane
Why were people so afraid of the Vikings? Why were some buried in boats? These are just two of the many questions tackled in this enjoyable look at the Vikings. This newly revised internet-linked edition is full of fun and facts about everyday Viking life and contains links to young and relevant websites.

Fionn and the Fianna

Collinge, Declan