Childrens Books Ireland Recommend 9-11

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The Deepest Breath

Grehan, Meg
Stevie is eleven she's been best friends with Andrew since forever. Stevie's mum teases her that someday they'll get married, but Stevie knows that won't ever happen. There's a girl at school that she likes more. Actually, she's a bit confused about how much she likes her. A beautiful and warm verse novel about the discovery of sexuality.

The Fowl Twins

Colfer, Eoin
Criminal genius runs in the family...

The Head of Ned Belly - Accidental Adventures Of Onion O'Brien

Byrne, Jason
Onion O'Brien is in trouble, again. This time he and the rest of the Five O's are trying to stop the destruction of the Valley, the local wasteland where they hang out. But Mayor Ronald Bump has other ideas - he wants to build new apartments there, so he sets local guards The Ferg and Judge on the children. As if things aren't bad enough, there's a new teacher in their school acting very suspiciously.

The House on Hawthorn Road

Wynne, Megan
Two children, from different centuries - Robbie, a trouble maker from the 1950's and Beth from modern day - time travel through the walls of a magical house in Dublin.

The Lost Tide Warriors

Doyle, Catherine
In the brilliant sequel to The Storm Keeper's Island, winner of the Books are My Bag Readers Award, Fionn Boyle finds himself at the heart of the fight for the island's survival.

The Magic Place

Wormell, Chris
A stunningly illustrated middle-grade fiction debut from internationally renowned author-illustrator, Chris Wormell.

The Star-Spun Web

O'Hart, Sinead
When Tess leaves her orphanage home for a new life with a distant relative, she hopes to find answers to her mysterious origins. But on discovering the truth of her past, she realizes she is the key to a terrible plan that will bring destruction to her own world and beyond...

The Switching Hour

Young, Damaris
Never stay out after the Switching Hour... never let the outside in... Amaya lives in a land where the doors must be locked after the Switching Hour, to keep out Badeko, a creature that snatches people away to eat their dreams. When her small brother Kaleb is taken by Badeko, Amaya must journey into the terrifying forest to rescue him.

Tin Boy

Cole, Steve
Mining in dangerous trenches and working to exhaustion each day is the only life that Tono has ever known. But a terrifying accident and a strange encounter will soon change his life forever ... The true cost of tin is revealed in this striking and gripping story. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+

Tyna of the Lake

Utkin, Alexander
The second in Alexander Utkin's stunning series of graphic novels based on Slavic folklore.

What's That in Dog Years?

Davis, Ben
George knows that Gizmo is getting old - after all, he's been around since before George was born and what's that in dog years? - so he writes Gizmo a bucket list. As the pair work their way down the list they have lots of adventures and lots of laughs. This heartfelt, yet hilarious, book is sure to be a hit with readers.