Childrens Books Ireland Recommend 2-4

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This is a Dog

Collins, Ross
Uh-oh! An excitable (but very loveable) dog has found his way into this First Animals book and he will NOT let any of the other animals take their turn. Dogs are far more important, after all! And when the other animals get angry, this dog comes up with a very cunning plan to outwit them . . .

This is Frog: A whopping, hopping, non-stopping interactive book

Evans, Harriet
This is Frog. Will you help him as he bounces about the rainforest? Let's jump right in...

Tibble and Grandpa

Meddour, Wendy
Grandad is grieving. He hides away in his garden. He needs time. But he also needs love. Tibble is full of love and shows Grandad that remembering the people we love can be a wonderful, funny, poignant thing.

Tiny and Teeny

Judge, M Chris

Where Are You, Puffling?: A Skellig Adventure

Daly, Gerry
A puffling has gone in search of adventure - now her parents can't find her anywhere! Can the animals of Skellig help them find their little puffling?

Where did you go today?

Duke, Jenny
A visit to the local play area becomes an exciting adventure thanks to the transforming powers of a child's imagination. Familiar landscapes turn into exotic and mysterious worlds to discover and explore.