CBI Funny Books Age 5-11

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A Seven-Letter Word

Slater, Kim
A compelling novel about how words can change lives from the multi-award-winning author of Smart, Kim Slater.

A Storey Street novel: The War Next Door

Earle, Phil
The third hilarious children's novel from Demolition Dad and Superhero Street author Phil Earle, illustrated by Waterstones Children's Book Prize shortlisted artist, Sara Ogilvie. Perfect for fans of Roald Dahl, Liz Pichon and David Walliams.

A Super Weird! Mystery: Danger at Donut Diner

Smith, Jim

All the Fun of the Fair (Bad Nana, Book 2)

Henn, Sophy
The second book in the wickedly funny series for ages six and up from the creator of Where Bear?, Pass It On and the Pom Pom series, with colour illustrations throughout.

Barry Loser: I am Not a Loser: Tom Fletcher Book Club 2017 title

Smith, Jim
'I've never minded that my name's Barry Loser because my coolness has always cancelled it out, but ever since Darren Darrenofski joined school with his horrible little crocodile face he's been completely ruining my life about it.' This book is suitable for readers aged 7-10 years old and fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Dennis the Menace.

Boo Who?

Clanton, Ben

Boy Meets Hamster

Milano, Birdie
Boy Meets Hamster is the uproariously funny, sweetly romantic debut novel from Birdie Milano, this is the perfect first summer romance - with a twist.

Come All You Little Persons

Agard, John
Features little persons from all over the world who join together to celebrate the dance of life and love. This book is suitable for both little persons and big persons.

Cyril and Pat

Gravett, Emily
A colourful rhyming picture book story about a brilliant friendship between two very different animals.

Danger is Everywhere: A Handbook for Avoiding Danger

O'Doherty, David
Does it warn you about what to do if a shark comes up out of the loo while you are sitting on it? Yes it does. And how to find out if your granny is a Robot? That too. And what to do if a volcano erupts underneath your house? This book lets you know exactly how to deal with it.

Darcy Burdock

Dockrill, Laura
Ten-year-old Darcy Burdock is one of life's noticers. Curious, smart, funny and fiercely loyal, she sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her. In this first book, we are introduced to her family: Mum, Dad, and little siblings Hector and Poppy, who Darcy likes dressing up in ridiculous outfits.

Dave Pigeon

Haddow, Swapna
If you can read this, you obviously understand Pigeonese. If you're a cat and you've learnt Pigeonese... (HA HA HA! As if a cat would be smart enough to learn Pigeonese). This must mean if you are a cat and you are able to read this, you have taken a pigeon hostage so that you can trick them into translating the Pigeonese words into Meow.