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Little Book Of Hours

Deane, John F.
Beginning with an account of the simplest-seeming island people and their troubled though productive lives, this work continues with a series of poems about King David, great poet and warrior, which consider the ineffectuality of war and the place of poetry in building towards a just society.

Naming of the Bones

Deane, John F.
A wide-ranging and generous collection of new poems from one of Ireland's best contemporary poets, John F. Deane.

Dear Pilgrims

Deane, John F.
A fresh, contemporary take on the Christian faith in an increasingly secular world from one of Ireland's leading poets - a timely collection for our unstable and cynical times.

Blind Stitch

Delanty, Greg
"The Blind Stitch" is a book which is sewn together with two main conceits. One is the leper conceit, which is the stitching of personal and public suffering and inescapable complicity; the other is the varied line of stitches, seen and unseen, that connect our private and public lives.


Evans, Martina
Imelda thinks she's killed her mother by wishing she was dead. Haunted, she doesn't want to wish the same fate on Justin, her twice-widowed father, owner of McConnell's bar and shop. When Imelda's two sisters, disapprove of Justin's fiance, Clodagh, Justin butters up naive Imelda and elevates her to the position of temporary favourite.

Now We Can Talk Openly About Men

Evans, Martina
Dramatic Monologues from a dressmaker on laudanum and a stenographer in love with a young revolutionary give their alternative views of the Irish Troubles and the Civil War.

American Mules

Evans, Martina
Highly anticipated new collection from the author of 2018's acclaimed Now We Can Talk Openly About Men.

Art of Escape

Gorji, Mina
Art of Escape is a wonderful casting off into the complex waters of adult life, in which change has become the constant.

The White Silhouette

Harpur, James
A journey into the world of sacred art, pilgrimage and the meaning of life.

Apocalypse: An Anthology

Keery, James
An exploratory anthology of the eclipsed, neglected - and indeed notorious - `Apocalyptic' poetry of the 1940s.

Eat Or We Both Starve

Kennefick, Victoria
A daring first collection from an exciting young Irish poet, tackling how to live with the past and not be consumed by it.

Butcher's Dozen

Kinsella, Thomas
To mark the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and its commemoration in Derry in January 2022, Carcanet proudly publish a new edition of Thomas Kinsella's Butcher's Dozen, with a prologue from the Saville Report, an epilogue from the Prime Minister's House of Commons apology, and a new author's note.