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Lunch with the FT: A Second Helping

Barber, Lionel

The 4 Day Week: How the Flexible Work Revolution Can Increase Productivity, Profitability and Well-being, and Create a Sustainable Future

Barnes, Andrew
The traditional working week is no longer fit for purpose in a digitally-driven, hyper-connected era. The 4 Day Week presents a compelling case for a sustainable, profitable future in which we work less but are more productive, engaged and satisfied

Think Like a Breadwinner : How Women Can Earn More (and Worry Less)

Barrett, Jennifer
A new kind of manifesto for the working woman, with practical guidance on building wealth as well as inspiration for harnessing the freedom and power that comes from a breadwinning mindset.

Do What You Are : Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type

Barron-Tieger, Barbara
New Edition - 2014 Publication. Finding a career path that you're passionate about can be difficultbut it doesnt have to be! With this bestselling guide, learn how to find a fulfilling career that fits your personality.

Happy Sexy Millionaire : Unexpected Truths about Fulfilment, Love and Success

Bartlett. Steven
A disruptive, fulfilment- first approach to living in the modern age by 27- year old entrepreneur and CEO of Social Chain.

The Power Of Giving Away Power: How The Best Leaders Learn To Let Go

Barzun, Matthew
How do great leaders thrive in uncertain times? By changing their mindsets about power.Why do some organisations grow and thrive with complexity, while others collapse under their own weight? The answer is simple, but transformative: When power is hoarded and lorded over others, it is finite. But when leaders allow power to flow among groups, it can grow indefinitely.While many have realised the limits of top-down hierarchy, 'bottom-up' leadership is just as bad. It's the same shape in reverse.

Its Not About The Coffee Starbucks

Behar, Howard
Reveals the ten principles that guided the author's leadership. This title shows that if you think of your staff as people (not labour costs) they may achieve amazing results. It discusses the importance of building trust, telling hard truths, thinking independently, and more.

Wolf of Wall Street

Belfort, Jordan
Stock market multimillionaire at 26, federal convict at 36, he partied like a rock star, lived like a king, and barely survived his rise and fall as an American entrepreneurial icon. NOW AN AWARD-WINNING MOTION PICTURE DIRECTED BY MARTIN SCORSESE, STARRING LEONARDO DICAPRIO

Way of the Wolf

Belfort, Jordan
New-edition of 2017 publication.

Why Smart People Make Big Money Mis


Trailblazer: The Power of Business as the Greatest Platform for Change ***IRISH EXPORT EDITION

Benioff, Marc
The billionaire founder of Salesforce Marc Benioff reveals how to build a company whose values create value.